Friday, 30 March 2012

Sunny and warm

This Week has been so warm and sunny and know we are moving into April already where did the month go?
So what have I been up to?
Well I made my Kitsch Bow rings they came out so well *^__^* I love them!
I also won a new hello kitty from Japan  off of Ebay with a Kimono!
(I have  won a XL Kitty too that i will take a picture of as soon as i get her n.~)
 She is utterly cute and stunning I want to keep her in the Living Room so she can project her beauty to all my Visitors  its like she is greeting them a sweet welcome and I love her Kimono at first glance it looks like a pink blue design but at a closer look it has her face on the kimono also with blue flowers and her Obi belt is KAWAII!

Here are a few close up pictures of her kimono but sorry they are slightly blurry


With such nice weather I got to wear my new LBD (little black dress) its a skater style plain black dress which i put my petite coat under it to puff it out then i put on a nice red shit with a Gothic cardie and got to wear my new hair pieces all day in the sun and created a great Lolita look with out having to buy a Lolita Dress even though I am saving my money to buy one (one day).Also I Will be doing a Fire walk for charity tonight which i hope to get lots of pictures of me doing but im not sure if I will be able to.
Ive not done any Amigurumis of late as I have had no time know that the Husband is away a lot more its hard to get the time to do them but im sure as the wee one can amuse herself as she gets older I will get back to lots more as I want to create some new Ami's.
Photo of my Hair pieces that could pass as a wig!

Till later stay Kawaii!