Thursday, 26 April 2012

Miss Pixie_Late

You may have come across the Lovely Pixie_Late in my Blog before .
Pixie_Late a well known Lolita Model and spokes Model for Gothic Lolita Wigs.
Some of you know I am a bit of a Fan of her's.I Found her through Facebook and Lolita pages on the web while searching for my own Ideas for outfits,make-up and hair.
What I like about her is that she can create a range of Lolita looks and is always find new and inspiring ideas for her other outfits and is so well presented is like she waved a magical wand on her outfits utterly magic.
No wonder she is so popular!

Pixie_Late has been promoting other things other than Wigs,Roxie Sweet hearts Items and keep it secret have her modeling their products of Hello Kitty Glasses and she is a Hyper Japan fashion consultant & Founder of Frills and Frolics on Face Book.She also Has done a small interview on Mode Lolita.

What I like is the fact Pixie_late is not always Dressed up every single day and do not wear a Wig in every 
photo showing that she is a down to earth and pleasent Lady ans she is such a natural beauty!
I can so see her doing this for many many years to come as she has clearly been blessed with young looks!

When I contacted her to ask for permission to use her Photos she worte the nicest message back to me and she liked what she saw on my Blog 

All Images belong to Pixie_late.

I love the above photo of Pixie_late she looks like a Flower maiden of Spring with Her lovely bunny Rabbit,she loves Rabbits.

''I find modelling and spreading love for Lolita fashion is something I'd like to continue to do even with I other commitments outside of the fashion because it's something I'm passionate about. I think if you put your heart in anything you do, it'll be rewarding to both yourself and your audience so keep doing what you love.''
Such kind and wise words !
I do like seeing her in a new wig and outfit  its a surprise every time and she is just the Cutest thing! 
So I thought I would share some of her Model work.

Flower Girl she is just so cute!

She suits these pastel colours so well

She is a complete Princess in this photo.


A hint of Gothic in this photo and I think this wig is so cool.

I adore this outfit and I have the same Wig arrive the other day.

In nature and can so suits being a blonde.

Winter Photos

I love this outfit and think she should do lots more Gothic Outfits soon!

Miss Pixie_late has her own Blog so you can keep up with her here!
And on her Face Book page.

Stay Kawaii x

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Lock Shop Online

I was talking to my next door neighbour's Gran daughter who is about 12 and she was going on about the latest new hair styles and made a comment on my hair and how it changed every time she came to visit her Gran.I laughed and let her into my Secret .
I ware Wigs and am proud too.
She sat on the chair with her mouth hanging open for about 5mins she and even her mother had no idea however her Gran guessed with the variety of hairstyles I have created.
I explained to her about what happened to my hair and think I put her off from dying her hair Purple!(Yes her Gran thanked me for that lol.)
So were do I get my Wigs well I have got lots of hair pieces from the shop's that sell accessories but I have ordered from the shop,The Lock Shop and hoping to order from the again.
As I have been told the Wig is back in stock in the next month or so.

The Lock Shop Wigs Online shop is so clear and so easy to use,You can create an account which has a  Wish list section which has come,this I likes lots.I can save the wigs I like best in their!
The Site is Clean and Tidy not fussy or Busy.

The method to buy you wig is easy also maybe a bad thing for my bank balance and with being in Scotland,I was so shocked how fast my order came out to me.The Parcel and Product came in mint condition and I fell in love with the product in a instant.

I ordered these!
I Love my Clip in hair pieces they are silky smooth and come in a pair,They have a big,hard wearing crocodile clip to use for attaching to your wigs or your own Hair which I do,Simply create bunches on the top of  the side of your head pick your head then clip the pony tails over the bunches!
They are the curly ones I  have maybe used them many times know and easy to look after when I'm not using them I keep them in the net bags the came in to stop them getting tangled up with any other pieces of fake hair and Use a very big wide tooth comb to comb them and twist them to keep the shape.

I am hoping to get a Full head wig next to go with them.
Also I did contact the shops Facebook Page for advise on which Product was best for me and I got back the most helpful information.

The Lock shop is a small business and I really hope from the depth of my heart that the shop will take off and expand its range as the Owner whom runs it Knows all about Fashion from High Fashion to Lolita and is a Well known Model herself.
Because of this it has a good range and these wigs can be used for every day wear than just Lolita and Cosplay.

So lets have a look

I really like the Blonde of this wig,I have never been Blonde so I'm not sure if I could get away with this colour but I do like the shape of the wig with the fringe/bangs and the extra hight at the back.

I love this Colour!You could so get this to have a change from your normal hair colour and no one would know its a wig.
Its so stylish.

This is the Wig I want to get myself but I am swaying to pick Curly or not.
Wonder if I can get 2 wigs not sure what the hubby's take would be on that.
I do love this one though as its looks like my own hair colour,Yes I have extremely Dark black hair,Its a Shade 2 on a Colour chart so I do get asked if I dye my hair but I cant use dye and most are shocked on how dark my real hair is!

The Lock shop has just got a new batch of Items so I asked the owner of the Lock shop if I could have permission to Blog about them and these are stunning!

The new Dreamy 'Honey Mermaid' wig,Its just so beautiful and so is the model can you believe that its the same model for all the photos Miss Chokelate Milk.
The Mermaid comes in a soft Pink,Black,Auburn and Beachy they are just so Kawaii
Also the other new Goodies are these Gems!

Im Talking about those Adorable Buns!
That come in the the same colours of the wigs so you don't need to worry that they will mismatch your wig.
And they come in a pair.
I so love this pink colour it reminds me of Cotton Candy!
Also there is a wig stand and wig comb in the shop too for looking after your wig.

You can find the Lock shop Online here and why not like them on Face Book to keep up to date on new Wigs and Pre orders.
Don't forget to give them a Tweet!

 OH and here is me with my Clip ins form Lock Shop

Stay Kawaii x

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Hello Kitty,Hello Baby

As some of you know I have a Daughter,She is my Chibi Bean whom was born on the 25th of Dec yup thats a Xmas baby!She is know 16months and grown up into a toddler already is a Drama Queen and Full of mischief,
From day one I have showered her in Gifts of Hello Kitty.
Her 3rd word was even kitty,We have 2 cats also which didn't help but she can say a number of things know and everything is no longer a Kitty or Ditty as she used to say.

She is know 16months and grown up into a toddler already is a Drama Queen and Full of mischief,
When She was born we Changed her Lemon Room into a Princess Pink and Purple.
(we were not sure if she was going to be a girl or not!)

Chibi Bean at 7months

And Like her Mummy She is a big Hello Kitty Fan from toys to accessories she has quite a lot of stuff for such a tiny person!

So Lets have a look at her things!

Her Hello Kitty Kitchen 

Hello Kitty Xmas Book

Hello Kitty with Ipod Cover of Hello Kitty and Her Build a bear Kitty

Happy 1st birthday Cake of Kitty and Some Toys

Hello Kitty Mini Plush and Ball

Her Hello Kitty Xmas Plush and Mirror

Her Bedroom Rug

Pink Ponies that she adores one is a Rocking Horse Kawaii and we have Hello Kitty Bubbles and some of her accessories for her hair with head bands,clips and ear muffs!

Her Hello kitty pop up tent!

She is one Hello Kitty Princess with Tops, Pjs, Coats, Dresses,Hats and Dresses with Hello Kitty on them,There would be far to many photos to take pictures of them all!
She also get to play with my kitty stuff too! ( I can not wait to spoil her on her Birthday and Xmas!Oh and I also spoil her on the Sabbats too so that way she do not feel out done with being born on Xmas Day but in my defence Chibi Bean YOU were LATE!)

Stay Kawaii x

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Don't keep it a Secret!

Yesterday I briefly spoke about a online shop named Keep it Secret.
I Sent them a small message asking if I could get permission to feature them in my blog and show off some of their goodies that the have on sale.
Keep it Secret are a small UK Based Online shop.
They have been selling  at stalls at the likes of Cardiff International Comic Expo,The Mcm Expo Birmingham's Comic Con as well as Exeter Comic Expo and  have been featured in Neo Magazine a good few times.
WOW and this is only this year for a small run business they sure are very busy!They have a Range of Kawaii style Gifts  including X-San goods and lots and lots of Sweet Sugar goodness with a range of yummy treats too.They even have a Section for Artist Work.

I have Bought From them as I have said before,My Nerd Hello Kitty Glasses which I ADORE so much and yes I did get a better Photo of them!The Service I got was fast response to any questions and enquiry's and a good Customer Service even when one item was out of stock they send me an alternative or a other colour for me,So sweet. >__<

They are still adding lots of stuff to thier shop and you can keep up to date with them with Facebook and why not give them a Tweet too!They are very Friendly and can be found on G+.
So lets have a Look at the goodies
*Images form Keep it Secret Website.

Check out these Kawaii cool Bags.

Cute Black cat and pink Bag

Rilakkuma & Kiiroitori Bento Boxes with Chopsticks!

A huge Range of Pocky in many many Flavours! 
Nom Nom Nom's!

A adorable Range of Phone Charms I have these two they are so cute One is on my keys the other looks after my purse!

Know these little Neko's are soo soo cute I want every one of them!
This kitten is Called Chi they also have Plushies of her shown on Facebook,When they get them on the online shop and restock I will be after one I love cats so much! Chi has the funniest expressions.You can also watch her TV show on Youtube.

A sneaky look from Facebook of the Plush!


And my updated photo of nerd Glasses

I Love these Glasses so much you can get them in White too but I like the Black ones more my style,They are hard wearing due to with standing Chibi beans quality control (age 16months)though I do think I would cry if she broke them so I give her my old sunglasses to play with in stead.Oh and they fit so well with and with out my wigs too.

Any Hello Kitty Fan MUST get a Pair!
So don't keep it a secret ... tell every one about this Kawaii Online shop!

Stay Kawaii x

Pretty Maid

Today I was greeted by a dripping wet Post man who had a parcel for me,Know going back a good few posts Entries about a Maid outfit and Maid style Pinny,I found online,Well I asked in the Crafting Group I am a member of,if any one would be able to make me one.One lady said she would  and here is her own Blog.
Please Check out What Crystal Creations can make too!
So I open my Parcel to find my Pinny!
So here are some Photos to share with you,

I'm not very Lolita like this weekend!

Loves to you all!

Am so Happy the way it turned out the bottom two Love hearts are pockets and each one has a little ribbon on it,Cute!
Which will come in handy as I plan to use this for some Lolita Photo shoots as well to use during the week being a House wife when looking after Chibi Bean and doing House wife Tasks.
That way I can still feel Like a Lolita!

On a side note not long till the next Sabbat of Beltane!

Stay Kawaii x

Friday, 20 April 2012

Goodies but shh keep it Secret.

At Easter time I posted a photo for a contest and won
Thanks to Keep It Sercet a UK based J-pop online shop.
So here are my goodies that came yesterday I would have posted them before but had other tasks to do sorry about that!

Also here is me in a casual Lolita Outfit  with my Goodies!
(it can be so cold up in Scotland hence the Jumper!)

This is the Online shop its worth a look around,I got my hello kitty Nerd Glasses from there and the service was smooth and easy.

Yes I look a bit Goofy in the photo with my nerd Glasses its the only photo I have of them close up just now.
Sorry for such a short Blog I promise to make it up to you all!
Stay Kawaii x

Imperfect Kawaii

This month has proven interestig for me my blog is starting to get more interest which I want to thank you all for supporting me from the readers to the companies that have granted me promission to Blog about them.

Arigatou Goziamasu!

I'm sitting in the sun shine form my window I can see the tulips with raindrops after the light shower that's watered my back garden,I am in a good mood as I have found out that my request of a fellow Crafter has made me my Pinny and will be working on my Neko ears ^__^  more to add to my Lolita/Cosplay stuff!

With the spark of Interest in my Blog and me asking nicely to feature folk in my Blog I came across some one Called Chibi Hoshino 
who has a online shop Called Imperfect Kawaii,
Hence the name of my Entry today.I took a look around her stuff and fell in love with a lot of her things and want to share them as well as her story on how it all started.

Again I am a completely obsessed with Jewellery...
well I am a JET1 certificated so I know my Stones to my Diamonds and worked with Jewellery for over 2 years but I do love handmade Jewellery and even though I am a proud owner of a high cut and grade Diamond.
But there is some thing about handmade that makes it more cute, fun,sweet and thoughtful which can tie in with any outfit as well they put a smile on your face.So When I saw Imperfect Kawaii stuff it was like I was in a Candy Store.

Lets check out Imperfect Kawaii online and what I spied,Also you can find them on Facebook where there is lots of photos of her creations.

Yummy nom nom good enough to eat!

This is so so so cute

Aww Love heart and Angelic wings so pretty!

Punk Gothic Earrings Loving the Tartan!

Pastel Star earrings so cute!

''Imperfect Kawaii started off as just for my best friends. It was almost Valentine's Day of 2009. My best friends were single and had no valentine, and I wanted them to feel special and loved. I looked on Deviant Art one day and saw fan art of Kingdom Hearts 2. That time I was playing the game and remembered how special Paopus were in the game. 

So I decided to go with clay work and made paopus for my friends ! 
The Paopus fruit charms by Imperfect Kawaii.

I had extra paopus and sold them to local aquaintances and ebay. 
They loved it so much and encouraged me to make different kinds of things, so I did. I kept making different things from the top of my mind. 
Most clay things were animals and food. I later kept getting commissions from locals. I decided to make a MySpace for it and gave the name ''Imperfect Kawaii'', since I believe my items were one of a kind with cute faces. 

Later other people (I never knew) started adding the MySpace page and requested some charms.
 The demand made me opened an Etsy. I was able to cater to the locals, USA, and then branched to the whole world! And now I have another mini website for much more things on Weebly. 
The Majority of my items are made of polymer clay and some accessories are plastic cabochons because I love to decoden too.

My goal for this shop is to keep doing what I love and hear out what other customers would like to be made by request. I want to deliver a smile each time I make business with another and form a special bond with each person  I'm very happy to be able to share my Imperfect Kawaii world with everyone.'' 
Chibi Hoshino

I love how it started out as a gift and then with others complements and requests for stuff has turned into a small business for Chibi Hoshino and her small team of helpers.

Finally the one thing I am completely in love with is this Gem of a necklace!

My 2 loved things Miss Kitty Chan and a Cupcake!
Imperfect Kawaii is also on Esty and will be attending a local Anime Expo 
6/29 - 7/2, 2012
Los Angeles Convention Centre  See here for more details so please please go say Hello!!! 

oh and buy me something nice hehehe...Well if you don't ask!
Stay Kawaii x

*All Photos belong to Imperfect Kawaii