Thursday, 12 April 2012

Bonjour Bourjois! (part one)

 Okay this could be a really Kawaii Girly Blog here so I did warn you Also is done in Parts as I may ramble on a bit how much I love My make up and love to be creative with it too.

So Make up,the art of using products to highlight your features.I love make up and have a few preferred brands such as my all time love of Bourjois for many reasons,I like a bit of BarryM for vibrant colours mostly the powder pots for eyes,Rimmel I have been trying out and Maybelline too but I find most of my Make up is full of Bourjois.
So it can be a task each morning trying to apply make up with a 16month little Bean running about in Pjs but I seem to have got it to a art by distracting Miss Bean with my box of Nail polish (all sealed tight.) which she takes them all out then puts them back or give her my clean make up brushes so she can play portend make up with mummy.

So why do I favour Bourjois? Well yes it is a little more expensive that the off the shelf cheaper shop own brand but its not a stupid over the top price either so its got that,The package and design is also compact and pretty,even with this aside is all about the quality!
I've ran out of my foundation the healthy mix one which I adore so using up my Maybelline Dream Matt mouse but liked the feel of the Healthy Mix on my skin as the the Dream Matt is a bit paste and heavy to apply so favour Liquid foundations best.
But here is the make up I am using at this time as you can see that with the almost finished pots I may need to go shopping for more Bourjois goodies!
These are the Eye shadow pallets,I use most of all numbers 2,3 and 5 of the Trio selection 

Know these are quilty eye shadows they do not crumble under the brush unless you want to add lots of pressure be my guest,They are also not brittle.They are easy to use and you can wet your brush to apply them too,They are soft and creamy but do not slide once applied and blend so well they are my must haves.

These are the Little round Pots of Blusher,I mind when I 1st saw one a Girl in the Salon I used to work at was doing her Make up and produced this Kawaii little pod with brush and mirror and I fell in love with the cuteness and colour and ran out and got one on my lunch brake!
Again they are easy to use the brush is a bit fiddly to use,but they have put it in a tiny cute box what do you expect for a brush lol!So I use my own angled Blusher Brush.
Know there is only 3 in the picture above they are the ones that I use with the above Trio Eyes shadows and the other Eye shadows the Black and a Beige,I wet my brush and use it with the black for a soft eye-liner effect and the Beige is one I use for all over my eye lid as a base.

Lippy I love my Lippy There are so many kinds and shades of Lippy with Bourjois and they have a vast range,BUT I have not found a Bourjois Pillar box Red yet (classic all time colour of mine).Its a hard colour to wear and very 50,s but I've not come across this Red yet there is close Reds but not red enough for me hehe!They do have a new Pallet Range I have yet to look at maybe I have not there Reds in the shops or not noticed them but I find most of the shade have a lot of hints of Pink but I like pink too so its not a biggie as i use BarryM for my Red Lips.
These Lippy's will not dry out your lips either!
They are very nice lipsticks again easy to use and love the case they are in the lids don't come off as easy as other brands!Which is handy for the Hand bags!
Nothing worse than Lippy all over the inside of you handbag and contents and a lippy with dust hair and dirt stuck to it!
Not cute lol.

Know Mascara and Eyeliner,I use a mix of brands with it comes to Eye liner so I am going to rave with joy with the Mascara from Bourjous. I love the Wand with 2 Steps its FAB! Volumizer Mascara its simple I like to coat my Lashes if I'm not using Fake Lashes and this one is the one I use Step 1 is a small short wand that catches all of the lashes's and coats them I give this 2 coats both upper and lower and then use 2 coats of step 2 that pumps them up with Volume.Easy as 1,2,3!

Eye-liner Know I have used Eye-liner since high school and have learnt what is good what's not for example panda eyes...not cool in any way.I do not use it on my lower of my eyes of if I do only a tad as it makes my eyes look small which was my 1st mistake at High school and made it look Gothic instead of grown up,So after learning a few examples and how to do's I use a thin liner for the inner of the eye then thicken it up to the outer eye and flick.
I use Clubbing in Ultra Black form Bourjois  as my thin line all way across the eye and Barry M to thinking it up or Liner Feutre from mid way across to the flick.
I have found i like Liner Feutre and by keeping it in my Brush pot upside down helped it form clogging and drying out the felt tip bends a little to much for my liking but apart from that is Great and Easy to use if you are new to liquid eye-liners,I like Liquid to the pencils as its a sharp shape and makes your eyes stand out more than the soft pencil.

Here is a example of my Make up with Bourjois.

Using the 2 Trio Pallet.
A Kawaii look can be created.

Great for a daily look 
Part 2 will be posted later!

Stay Kawaii xx