Friday, 13 April 2012

I love my Hair part 2 (Brake my hair & my heart)

Yay *^__^* my new wig has come and yes that means photos but not in this Blog entry today!
There is a reason Why I like wigs well Lets go back a good few years and step into my past,When I left school I went out to the big wide world on the path to become a top hairdresser and style the stars and celebs of today,Have great looking hair every day doing a glamorous job and be famous or at least well known make my own shampoos and Brands...
Yeah that was the Dream.
But the reality well...
Hair dressing right from the start you get the jobs of making clients Tea or Coffees,Sweeping up cuttings that are sticking to the floor cause the are wet and it smells yucky,From there you get to wash folks hair dealing with oily hair to hair full of lice oh and then Hair colouring being instructed to mix up chemicals that are a irritant to your skin to apply to hair and then to wash it off with bare hands and then you get dry hands and skin  wash after wash it getting worse and worse to the point you cant wear a watch or rings ...
Not glamorous at all!

So lets Fast forward to my nightmare,Trainee Hairdressers where 'encouraged' to dye and colour their hair some one would do it for you and you have a new style and colour every month -3 months well I ran out of ideas and  one girl suggested a idea so we got permission and off they went mixing up the colour then applied it put me under heat and then it happened the most unbearable feeling of my scalp burning.tears rolled down my face as i begged them to wash it off to the point I was going to do it my self already removing the hot foils of colour to my horror the foils were taking my hair out too,at this point there was a bit of a drama and my hair was falling out,They washed all the colour off which was a mess due to me not keeping it on but the bleach used was destroying my hair (they had to bleach it up 1st to add a other colour on to it while they had a toner on the rest).Then they Dried my hair full blast heat and that made it go frizzy.I was looking in the mirror in horror it was still falling out but that was not the worse part it was also still burning,I went home with a bad headache and took some pain killers but it was still burning,Then to add to it my whole scalp.ears and neck swelled up
Yup you got it, I was taking a reaction to the Hair Dyes and Chemicals they used.
Ended up in hospital.

Fast forward to the present day,That was done in a Top well known Salon and Salon Owner as much as I want to type the names in here I will not as this is all in the past even if it still effects me,I have moved on.They never did anything or say sorry and that the thing that hurt most was this was the place I worked at! They swept it under the carpet and keep it to themselves,I left there rapidly and moved to a other salon but I couldn't become a hairdresser with out being able to colour my career left me heart broken.I know can not touch any thing like Henna,Natural hair dye,Semi Colours or anything. I've been all natural since and will go White or Gray no cover up for me.I miss all the Rainbow colours I had and the mad crazy styles but I got told that if I took a other reaction it may make me swell up to the point I cant breathe and that's not something I want to Risk!

Even to this day my Hair is in a bad way its lifeless and will not grow much but I have been using Lee Stafford's Hair that never grows treatment and have to say Yes its helping my poor hair recover which is shocking that its taken so long.I can not stress how much Hair dyes are really bad for your hair! Bleach is the worst,It maybe make you look great and stunning but its wrecking your hair structure and strength it gives you split ends and it burns your skin/scalp!

And only after getting into Cos play and Lolita I have come across my life savers Wigs!
They don't damage your hair!They come in so many styles and colours you could be a red head for the day to a blonde the next they are short long curly and even two toned! Clip in ones are great also have I have a pair and a full head curly wig and you can get heat resistant ones too.
They can create a whole new look for you that's why I love Wigs so much if I could Id have lots of them but they do cost al ot but mind you cheaper that a full head of Highlights and Tint!
That Place I worked in the Top Salon so to say is around £70-£100 prince wise! A wig is about £30 + mark,Think of the money you would save also! 
Highlight and Tints give you a Root growth and you have to go back for a touch up every 8-10 weeks to keep on top of it!

My top Wig shops are the Lock Shop and they have  a Facebook page the Owner is great they know what they are talking about and give great customer service and answered all my questions before I ordered the other shop is Gothic lolita wigs They have a big Range but  I have not ordered from them so can not comment on the service they seem to be bigger that Lock shop but I prefer smaller shops and liked the rapport I got with the owner and a one to one good customer service so try the Lock shop first!
Please Check these stores out its worth your time you don't want to end up like me with awful hair and left broken hearted over a career.

Though being a Mummy is the best and most rewarding one ever *^___^* <3 love my Chibi Bean so much!

So stay safe with colours and most of all ...
Stay Kawaii!