Thursday, 31 May 2012

Super Cute things coming this way.

Hi~Hi !
So with some changes to my accounts and social networking pages,You may have noticed Ive changed my name on some thing's.
I've taken up a new nick name ''Tartan Kawaii!''
Cute huh?
It goes well with me being Scottish and Tartan can be really cute if you can dress it up like I did in the past with my Gothic Loli (Lolita) Outfit.

So there seems to be a lot going on,Currently I am selling off some things that I no longer need as at the back of my mind there is a chance of moving away from where I am know to some where closer to the Hubby's Work  so I want to make a fresh start even if its not for a while yet its always good to have a good clear out to then make room for new and Kawaii things!

Also  I did find out that in that area there are Scottish Lolita's who meet up there about's so that's really great I joined up on their group on Facebook to get to know some of them and they are so sweet!
(Thank you to all of those kind girls whom have welcomed me x)

So over at my Facebook page Kawaii Kreations is has been renamed Tartan Kawaii and I am know a ''public figure''.
Sounds important hehe.
I will be doing lots of new and exciting things for the page and for my blog,after doing the video review and getting lots of nice comments form every one I think I will be doing lots more.Even thought Im sorta blushing at the thought of it.

I was asked if any one wanted to see how I do my make up and there seems to be an interest in this,so watch out for that space,The other topics on the page are Wigs.
I love my wigs,And Asked my likers on the page what wig I should go for I have narrowed it down to 2 wigs one from GLW and one From the Lock Shop but then this morning I found out that Lock shop have new wigs coming in...DRAMA!
Okay That is no not fair I was so close to getting a new wig  with a well long thought out choice and picked one for you to do this to me!!

*cries a little*

Know I have to wait thanks to you Lock shop just so I can see your newest wigs to then be back at square one again over picking one!
Love the lock shop!

So I think I will do something fun on my Facebook page with the wigs and I have some reviews to coming up and cute findings to show you all.

so stay supa Kawaii 

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My very 1st Video Review

So I did a video review for Keep it Secret,I have a couple of the items they sell and saw that they like to get reviews via video ,So this is my 1st ever review I must have taken about 8 attempts to get it sort of okay and tried to keep it in some kind of structure.
I finally loaded it up  and watched it back.
I had no idea I was the hi pitched in my voice!
I guess it add to the Kawaii factor but I thought My voice was rather low.

Anyhow the quality of the video is not the best and same with the lighting sorry about that!
So over at my Facebook page I asked if any one wanted to see my video so after lots of comments and likes I have put it up here for you all to watch!

Any advise would be great but be gentle on me as this is my 1st ever filmed piece,I'm not Camera shy but I'm shy and know more aware of my squeaky voice that I have.


Enjoy and Stay Kawaii x

Friday, 25 May 2012

Keep it secret sneak preview

So I was strolling through my new feed  yesterday and over at Keep It Secret,I came across a cute looking tee (t-shirt).

I love tee's I have lots of Cute Hello Kitty ones to Ninja teddy's,Love hearts and Rainbows,Putting on a cute t-shirt can put you in the best of moods.

Side note~I wana be eating lots of chilled pocky right know.

However this t-shirt is not yet on sale *tear* but if there do comes about an interest of it...
It could be yours very soon!

Its in black I like to wear alot of black but think this would look super cute in pale colours too.You may even notice that you may have see that little Tanuki ( A Japanese raccoon dog) before...
Yes your right its the Mascot for Keep it secret but Take a closer look this little cutie is Cosplaying  the very famous Studio Ghibli's Kiki's Delivery service.With her very noticeable Red Big bow delivery bag and besom ( that's a broomstick btw).

I think its quite fitting for me *giggles* with me being a witch having a black cat and loving all Japanese things,There must be some kind of Law that I must get one right?!
So head over to Keep it secret on facebook and tell them you want one too!
We will all look super Kawaii in this!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Cute Creations

So I have a shop I want to Share with you,Its a cute online shop and the owner is so sweet.the shop is called Cute Creations its Online and adorable.With lots of goodies to go and check out.

all images belong to cutecreations.

I came across this site with the help of Facebook as my Facebook page is called Kawaii Kreations I did a search and found cute creations (we mean the same thing lol).After a few likes and Pms between each other.We did a Art Trade,one of my Crocheted Amigurumi's and I got a piece of custom Art done.
I requested for a Neko maid and I was so impressed with what I got,I like this style its not anime which is nice for a change so many are doing anime,Its a little Chibi like but I love that.Its so smooth and well done.This lady has so much talent!

Dont you think it looks like me yes I know I have brown eyes...but they are blue in my mind.
its just so cute!
Have you noticed she is on my Blog?
Yyup there on the right hand side at the top 
Also she has a new new things in her shop so I am gona show you them because they are so cute and kawaii not to be shared.

One of the many a Cute necklace.

Spooky Kitten and pumpkin on a phone strap.

One of the newer logos on a tee shirt.

Cute Tee's!

There is a lot of goodies waiting to be found and you can find them all with the following Links below!
The Blog and dont forget your Twitter updates.

Stay super Kawaii

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Where you can find me

Just a quick entry .
But did you know you can find me on the following links!
I am here on Facebook and then you can find here on Twitter.
My other cyber places I can be found are on Tumblr.
So you all can find me and my updates one way or a other.

Stay super Kawaii!

New Hair Style

So after selling my poodle Skirt and getting my Discount off Gothic Lolita Wigs I ended up buying at a very low price in the end...we love a good bargain!
A new GLW Wig,I have to say I was very impressed with the speed that they sent it out to me with it coming from the USA. =^__^=
I got Raven from the Spiral Collection
I wanted  a new curly one as my other curly one has matted and looks really bad know.

So I  put it on as soon as I opened my parcel it was my its so CUTE! 
Love it!

I have  had to trim the fringe/bangs but its so soft and silky and smooth,I have a few photos with it out of the packet and with out any make up.

*Blush I look so pale*

And this week we have been blessed with sunny warm stunning weather so I have been wearing SHORTS! and cute tee's! What is going on!
You can see the nice shape of the spirals in this photo above.

Also Tomorrow it will be my Hubby's birthday and our 4th Anniversary

Feels like for hundreds of years we have been together!
So He has sorta already has guessed I am baking him a cake,I have not baked in a while so wish me luck! I will be a busy bee with it i thinks.Oh and the reason he guessed I was  baking a cake was the give away clues of the shopping lists for a mad amount of eggs flour and sugar LOL.
Note to self get your own shopping.
And the last post also had cake in the entry so yea Cake on the mind and he reads my entry's!
*waves to Hubby* ''Get back to work!''  

Stay Super Kawaii!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Kitty and Cake

So I love cute things my most loved cute thing would be Hello kitty no suprise there ...
and cupcakes!

I adore cupcakes they are so yummy and they don't have to be fancy ones either,Likes of Mr kilping Angel slice cakes are yummy but I do love Butter iced cakes that have been decorated in so many ways to make them look super cute,How could you say no to a cute Cup cake and I love the idea of Rainbow cup cakes,So here is my newest finding of Hello kitty,I was not sure if I was going to get her but I think she is very fitting to add to my collection.

Cake any one?
A nice close up of her,Chibi bean was playing with her after I tok her photos.
The other Kitty I got and was only yesterday,Yes I do limit myself  and always am looking to pick up a kitty bargain! But I saw this one and I have been looking online in uk based shops rather than over seas to get a kitty with Glasses  like the Nerd collection and I happened to walk past this kitty and fell in Love 
she is so COOL!

Very  retro and Kawaii!!!

Know back to cake,Nom nom I love Cake...
I have found some really cute cakes online That I wanted to share!

Kinda matches my Cupcake Kitty .

So every Creative!

Could You imagen some ones face biting into this and then TaDa a Rainbow cupcake hidden under butter icing that is just so cute and yummy!

So on that note,I'm off to get myself a snack as my mouth is watering!
Sweet sugar goodness!

Stay Super Kawaii!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Hello Kitty

Many of you Know who Hello Kitty is but I wanted to do a Blog post about who she is also done some hunting on information that some who do not know her so well find out about where she came from and her rise to fame.

Hello Kitty was created in Japan by the company Sanrio and 1st designed by Yuko Shimizu.She Is a Japanese Bobtail Cat,ever wondered why you don't see her tail.Well know you know!
Her 1st appearance was in 1974 on a coin purse  pictured with a milk bottle and Fish Bowl and ever since Hello Kitty has become World Famous loved by mostly females of all ages.

Who would have thought this small purse would have become the well known Character Hello Kitty!
Hello Kittys full name is Kitty White but was only named in 1975 as Hello Kitty .Her Family were also created Mama (Mary) Papa (George) and her Twin sister Mimmy (Mimi) .

 In 1976 Sanrio gave kitty a new pose and then in 1976 Sanrio gave kitty a new pose.1977 she was found flying a plane and in 1987 she was on the back of a dolphin.

In 1979 Kitty's Grandma (Margaret) and Grandpa (Anthony) were also introduced.They all live in London together with Kitty's Family and Friends.
Oh and she has a Boyfriend Dear Daniel who she has known as they were babies together.
= ^_^ =

It was not till 1993 when her bow got a new look and they changed it to a flower creating a opening for new outfit ideas.In 1998 Hello Kitty Puroland opened a indoor theme park its like a hello kitty fans dream place to visit.
Hello Kitty's Birthday is the 1st of November.
Right Know Hello Kitty will be 38 years old this year.
All this time they have been bring out so much kitty stuff and the ideas seem to be never ending when it comes to Hello Kitty.
On her 35th Anniversary in 2009 Sanrio really pushed out Hello Kitty and her products.
So I am in hope that they do something Big for her 40th!

Hello Kitty's current designer is Yuko Yamaguchi .who keeps coming up with super cute ideas and designs for me to fall in love with!
Have you noticed Hello Kitty's Head is more roundish looking theses Days to her 1st appearance but apart form that she has been left pretty much unchanged.

Also you may have noticed that Miss Kitty has no mouth!
They say the reason is that she has no mouth is that she speaks from her heart,But its also a cleaver selling point to she has no expression so you can project it on to her face and what you feel becomes what you see.They did give her a mouth for her TV shows though.

My Love for kitty started when I started to earn my own money and I still have the very 1st kitty I got I must put a picture up of her she is a small Kitty with a blue dress and angel wings but I am not sure but think she is similar to a TY beanie version  or a very old one.
Hello Kitty's Adorable outfits and cuteness captured my heart and ever since I have been buying her in plushes and other things that I have found for myself and for my daughter.
Hello Kitty has always been in arms reach for a hug when I  have found myself  in a gloomy day.
She seems to make every one who loves her smile no wonder she sells so much!

Stay Super Kawaii!

Friday, 11 May 2012

Tartan cos Im a Scottish Lass

I really have not had as much time to make a outfit go with my newest Gothic Lolita skirt but I found some time today but I have found some things that I would like to get to go with my skirt and I have fallen in love with a dress so I will share them with you!
Red Tartan Dress and in its purple Version,Really love this one dress as well as this cute Skirt all from Phaze clothing.Death Kitty also Do a lot of Tartan skirts too.I have also found a small online shop that has nice size Tartan bows too,So I've gone and got the Bows for my hair and wigs.
So I had a good look out of all my Gothic stuff to go with the skirt and this is what I came up with.
Also you may have noticed that I know have Started to Watermark my own personal Photos,I found out that some folk are taking others photos and then using them for other things and not asking permission.

So here are some photos of my outfit!

Lace top and Curly bob wig

Me and Princess Peach

I moved the Tartan bow to my top to spread the colour out a bit .

Long Wig

 My other Long Curly wig with pony tails

Playing with the app to age my photos and make them more Gothic!
Hope you all like them.
Also I got featured in Gothic Lolita Wigs customer Show case here is a photo of it I love the fact they put Tartan as my back ground!

Also I have been coming up with more ideas and been using Pinterest find the link Here

Stay Supa Kawaii

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Cute Oborocharms

Oh Im so excited ...
I came down to the letter box and found my package from Oborocharms.
I adore this online shop its supa KAWAII and highly suggest you go have a look and you will fall in love with some of her handmade cute charms that she sells and makes.
All Images are from and belong to oborocharms

I found Oborocharms on face book and fell in love with the charms that were on display and then went to the shop and ended up all starry eyes and Kawaii over all the sweet charms and jewellery I discovered.
Cute Owl

Chibi Fox Ring

yummy Pink chocolate cake Earrings

Neko Charm

There is so many cute Charms to pick from!

So after saving up my money I contacted Oborocharms and make an enquiry to get a custom bracelet after seeing a friend on face book with a custom order so asked if it could be made with 3 charms of kitties,I wanted one to look like my Princess Peach and one Like my Leo cat the other was one to match in with them and a bit of my dream cat I would want to own one day hehe!

So its a very personal item to me,I was so happy to such a great service and a personal one too with quick reply s to my messaged and even got a sneaky look at my charms being made!

Peach Leo and Dream Kitty.

Love them so much so so cute!

My kittys

Dream Kitty


Leo Cat 

I could not be Happier with the end result and they are so cute sitting on my wrist while I type!
As I said Oborocharms is on face book where you can keep up to date with regular give aways and photos of her newest Creations and do not forget to check her out on Twitter.

Stay Supa Kawaii

Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Queen of the Gothic Realm

Lady Amaranth is a Alternative Gothic Model,She is the most elegant beautiful woman I have ever seen in my whole life,I came across her work through the online shop,The Gothic Shop then on many other pages,
I became a fan on her Facebook and have been amazed by her work,no work is not the work its Art that she has produced and its the most stunning Art ever ! 
I contacted Lady Amaranth and asked if she would be kind enough to let me feature her and her work in her Blog,I was so excited to get a lovely message back from her saying it was quite all right to do so,Bless her.

I give there the title The Queen of the Gothic Realm she is well known among Gothic Fans and Goth's.
She has a portfolio that has such a vast range of Gothic Fashion to Fantasy images.Every piece of Art she has done is wonderful.I can see why so many new Models wish to be like her.
Lady Amaranth has also been featured in many well known Magazines such as Unscene,Alt Fashion and Fea Magazine.

You maybe wondering why I picked Lady Amaranth,To me she is a inspiration and through her work she has shown that Gothic Fashion has such beauty in each photo.
She can take on any theme and make it work.

Lady Amaranth has attended the WGW (Whitby Goth Weekend) in the past,A small sea side village that holds a Gothic even twice a year.This place is a place where I went for many years on holiday,I hold it dearly in my heart with the sea side and Gothic tales of Ghosts and even the Dracula walk,Its called to many Goths,Fans and know Models over the years.
I'm actually surprised I never met her down there!?

Whitby was the place that got me into the Gothic Scene when I was a Teenager.I bought My 1st Spiked Dog Collar there with my Dad (Still have it!) and then many Gothic outfits,So I find that with having this old fondness of Gothic wear and new interest in Lolita it makes it easy for me to mix the two to create lots of ideas for my own outfits.

I also think that Lady Amaranth can even do her own Lolita inspired work with ease,as she suits Lace and Ribbons with her Gothic outfits and her Make up is done so well with such detail and skill.Not only is she a model she is a Web Designer and Writer too.
So here are some Pieces of her Art I wanted to Share with you.

(Please note I do Not own any of these Images these belong to the Photographer/Designer and Lady Amaranth.)

By Gothindulgence for Drac-in-a-Box

by The Alternative Image
Original photo by GothX for The Gothic Shop

Taya Uddin & Larysa K Corsetry
''Gothic Fashion has gone from its post punk roots, through velvet and fishnet and now many people incorporate historical elements into it. 
I find each evolution has something to offer and for myself particularly indulge in the more elegant variations. 
Many of my outfits actually contain Elegant Gothic Lolita pieces, and I will always wonder into stores and sites selling the style as I find the attention to detail and quality tends to be far higher than some of the high street Gothic brands. 
However, I’m not too keen on the more colourful pieces or those that tend a little too far towards a child/doll-like image. While it is visually stunning, and can make for beautiful themed photographs, they wouldn’t me my choice for normal attire. 
Lolita fashions, to me, imbue the wearer with traits that don’t match my artistic expression and is indeed a scene unto itself. 
I have found though, that the cybergoth and UK Goth scene in particular have also adopted some of these “cute” fashion statements. 
Bright pink being favoured, as well as handbags made from toys even while the rest of the outfit may be of a more traditional Goth fare. 
This juxtaposition is perhaps a statement that the wearer is not wanting to be seen bending to the conventions of their scene by adopting this idiosyncrasy.'' 
Lady Amaranth

These pieces of Art are only a taste of what The Queen of the Gothic Realm has done you can find all of her work by her and her Photographers at her Website,Her Facebook and why not send her a Tweet.
My beloved Whitby at Whitby Abbey.

Stay Supa Kawaii x