Sunday, 13 May 2012

Hello Kitty

Many of you Know who Hello Kitty is but I wanted to do a Blog post about who she is also done some hunting on information that some who do not know her so well find out about where she came from and her rise to fame.

Hello Kitty was created in Japan by the company Sanrio and 1st designed by Yuko Shimizu.She Is a Japanese Bobtail Cat,ever wondered why you don't see her tail.Well know you know!
Her 1st appearance was in 1974 on a coin purse  pictured with a milk bottle and Fish Bowl and ever since Hello Kitty has become World Famous loved by mostly females of all ages.

Who would have thought this small purse would have become the well known Character Hello Kitty!
Hello Kittys full name is Kitty White but was only named in 1975 as Hello Kitty .Her Family were also created Mama (Mary) Papa (George) and her Twin sister Mimmy (Mimi) .

 In 1976 Sanrio gave kitty a new pose and then in 1976 Sanrio gave kitty a new pose.1977 she was found flying a plane and in 1987 she was on the back of a dolphin.

In 1979 Kitty's Grandma (Margaret) and Grandpa (Anthony) were also introduced.They all live in London together with Kitty's Family and Friends.
Oh and she has a Boyfriend Dear Daniel who she has known as they were babies together.
= ^_^ =

It was not till 1993 when her bow got a new look and they changed it to a flower creating a opening for new outfit ideas.In 1998 Hello Kitty Puroland opened a indoor theme park its like a hello kitty fans dream place to visit.
Hello Kitty's Birthday is the 1st of November.
Right Know Hello Kitty will be 38 years old this year.
All this time they have been bring out so much kitty stuff and the ideas seem to be never ending when it comes to Hello Kitty.
On her 35th Anniversary in 2009 Sanrio really pushed out Hello Kitty and her products.
So I am in hope that they do something Big for her 40th!

Hello Kitty's current designer is Yuko Yamaguchi .who keeps coming up with super cute ideas and designs for me to fall in love with!
Have you noticed Hello Kitty's Head is more roundish looking theses Days to her 1st appearance but apart form that she has been left pretty much unchanged.

Also you may have noticed that Miss Kitty has no mouth!
They say the reason is that she has no mouth is that she speaks from her heart,But its also a cleaver selling point to she has no expression so you can project it on to her face and what you feel becomes what you see.They did give her a mouth for her TV shows though.

My Love for kitty started when I started to earn my own money and I still have the very 1st kitty I got I must put a picture up of her she is a small Kitty with a blue dress and angel wings but I am not sure but think she is similar to a TY beanie version  or a very old one.
Hello Kitty's Adorable outfits and cuteness captured my heart and ever since I have been buying her in plushes and other things that I have found for myself and for my daughter.
Hello Kitty has always been in arms reach for a hug when I  have found myself  in a gloomy day.
She seems to make every one who loves her smile no wonder she sells so much!

Stay Super Kawaii!