Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Kitty and Cake

So I love cute things my most loved cute thing would be Hello kitty no suprise there ...
and cupcakes!

I adore cupcakes they are so yummy and they don't have to be fancy ones either,Likes of Mr kilping Angel slice cakes are yummy but I do love Butter iced cakes that have been decorated in so many ways to make them look super cute,How could you say no to a cute Cup cake and I love the idea of Rainbow cup cakes,So here is my newest finding of Hello kitty,I was not sure if I was going to get her but I think she is very fitting to add to my collection.

Cake any one?
A nice close up of her,Chibi bean was playing with her after I tok her photos.
The other Kitty I got and was only yesterday,Yes I do limit myself  and always am looking to pick up a kitty bargain! But I saw this one and I have been looking online in uk based shops rather than over seas to get a kitty with Glasses  like the Nerd collection and I happened to walk past this kitty and fell in Love 
she is so COOL!

Very  retro and Kawaii!!!

Know back to cake,Nom nom I love Cake...
I have found some really cute cakes online That I wanted to share!

Kinda matches my Cupcake Kitty .

So every Creative!

Could You imagen some ones face biting into this and then TaDa a Rainbow cupcake hidden under butter icing that is just so cute and yummy!

So on that note,I'm off to get myself a snack as my mouth is watering!
Sweet sugar goodness!

Stay Super Kawaii!