Friday, 26 October 2012

Hello Kitty Halloween

Halloween and Hello Kitty well this makes a fun mix!
Hello Kitty has been getting in the act of all things cute and spooky and I wanted to share some of the Kawaii Hello Kitty X Halloween goodness!

The most interesting thing I came across already is the Jack'o Lanterns or Pumpkins that have been Carved featuring Hello Kitty herself or dressed in a spooky outfit. Some are carved and others are painted.

The other Hello Kitty Halloween item is Hello Kitty costumes,some of which I saw last year.There is even a Play suit style outfit that looks like Hello Kitty's dungarees which is sorta cute but I don't think it looked very Hello Kitty and there is a few Dresses with Hello Kitty on them. 

Though Making your own outfit could be rather easy to from looking at this image here.

The other thing I like about this time of year is you see the Halloween plushes pop up and about the internet.
And they Look so supper Kawaii!!!

Talking of Plushes the online shop HelloKitty4U has a new Kitty in stock,Its a Dress up Kitty sort of like the build a bear Kitty's you can get but this one is a smaller that the build a bear ones and has the cutest face too
She is called the Dress me Plush.
She comes in Pink and I have got a soft spot for this Kitty maybe its her super sweet face?
But you can Dress her up by buying her some outfits with Devil and Angel to pick from as well as a Christmas outfit for later this year.

I have only seen the baby plush of this (Hello kitty as a baby with a dummy in its mouth),I hope that there will be more outfits and styles of kitty s to come to this range.

These are my Hello Kittys  and my darling Choco cat  Dressed for Halloween ^^

Fairy Kitty Pumpkin Choco cat and Witchy Kitty!

Hope you all have a Kawaii Halloween!

Stay super Kawaii