Sunday, 28 October 2012

Kiss Kiss Chu

It may be cause I am wearing some lip stick to day,but  felt the need to to Blog about cute lippy.
Personally I love lots of bright red pillar box shades,but I also like to venture out and try other colours too.
-its fun trying new looks too-
I think its a bit of trail and error when it comes to lip sticks and make up,but as a nice simple rule to keep in mind if your wanting to show off the eyes then use a light/pale colour on the lips and the other way round bright lips and natural/light eyes.Some times it can be done with both or look a bit well daft (silly) like.

I like the cute doll like look with make up,so when i use that sort of make up style I will pick pale nude shade or rose like pinks with a hint of shimmer .I like to add a clear gloss over the shade to make it look fresh and sweet looking and or doll like.

I wear a nude lipstick here by MAC lady gaga lipstick,which was a order i got that went very wrong  it was down in price and I wanted the other colour but got the Nude I felt like I could not return it the shop as I ordered it online so I gave in and tried it on and fell in love with the shade!
The other brand of lipsticks I like are Barry M because it has a lot of colours to pick form When my nude runs out ill be replacing it with Barry M, cos Mac is really brakes my poor purse its a bit to creamy and I tend up layering it on.So I am hoping Barry M will not be as creamy and have to layer it on as much as the MAC lipstick,also Barry M has so many colours and tone/shades for every style.

I love Barry M!
Lots of Japanese fashions such as Gyaru and very girly styles when it comes to make up seem to love the pale nude gloss lips with natural colours on the eyes and lots of fake lashes.
I also adore these looks they are very Kawaii and adorable!
Here is a cute image of a more pinky tone and look from the Gwen Stefani Perfume.

The other styles I think are cute are those Ruby red lips that are chic rock and roll.but that's cause I am a bit of a rock chic at heart -lol- However Reds come in many shades these days and they are very classic and will make your make up stand out and there is also some thing very sexy about the red lips.

As you can see these are only 3 shades I have covered and there is a lot more and lots of brands to pick form, am sticking to the UK brands as I know them best my self,but there is some very cute about lip sticks and lip colours and make up over all the place.
And over even more Kawaii Overload here are a few images of SUPER cute packaging that you can get with some Lip Sticks! so cute you may never want to use them!

Hello Kitty x MAC lippy.


Anna Sui

Feel the love with Holika Holika Heartful Moisture Lipstick.

Till later 
Stay super Kawaii