Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Barry M review

I spoke of Barry M cosmetics before,the reason i like these products is cause they are NOT tested on animals  like other brands so I don't feel so guilty,I like other brands too because the good but really that is not the best excuse...so maybe I could look into swapping all my stuff to BarryM.
So I put in a order via the web site,I do have a local store that sells Barry M but they never seem to restock often so I bought from the web site here.

I ordered a lipstick in nude.the new eye liner called blink I like the pen style eye liners and a new blusher as my old one which was barely touched a collection 2000 set crumbled all over the floor. 
Leaving a pinky peach messy in the carpet @.@,so I had to get a replacement one and clean up the mess!

So my order took a few days in the post,it came well packed and safe.
I got a small catalogue with my order with the Barry M range which came in handy as you can get a clear look at the colours and see all the new things they have in the nail art range of colours.

I Love the  shade of blusher I got  its great for a pretty glow on the face.
I am yet to try the eyeliner.
And the nude colour lipstick to replace my Lady Gaga,nude MAC lipstick.
Also im a big fan of the nail art effects by Barry M,and cant wait to look into getting my hand or should I say nails on these fun polishes that have come out.
Im already a fan of the crackle effect.
This me wearing the new blusher and Barry M lip paint in Pillar box red,nail polish with the crackle effect too.

Really loving my Barry M order 
Till later,
stay super Kawaii,