Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Decoden Kawaii nails

So a few posts back I spoke of nail art and Deco den nails,I did in the end get some  4 packs of them (one is being sent out atm),I love how Kawaii they looked on the models and photos and its very in over in Japan in lots of other fashions not just aimed at one style.
I got them rather cheep spending no more that £3 on a set of 24 pre made deco den fake nails.
I got them from eBay I didn't have much hope for them being anything to amazing.
Here is a photo of them.

so I got to wear my 1st set,I glued them on Thursday,as I said I had no hope of them lasting more than a few hours.
I picked the silver and pearl set,these were a lot bigger to my nails so i had to file them a lot and adjust the shape.
As they were a lot longer to what I am used to because of the gems reaching the length of the nails, the fact they had the gemstones on them I was waiting for them to brake or pieces to fall off leaving me annoyed.

However after a few hours of getting used to them being longer and they stayed on...4 days later and they are still in one piece!

 I am some what shocked that they are lasting so well,with being so cheep and I am looking forward to using the other sets,I will be careful to removed these so I can reuse them again those would be stunning at a Christmas party.
I like how simple these ones are and how glamours they look!

I have in the other sets a nude colour with white design with gems and flowers and the other set is pink and gold colours with gems and little crowns,the set I have on the way to me is a transparent style with leopard print tips!


*Tip if you buy those pre glued nails coat the under side of the nail and the sticky part with clear nail polish to  make them re use-able!*

You can find crazy deco den nails on the internet that are like wow and there are kinds to suit all styles so check these cuties out.
All of mine are from the same seller.
There is a few sweet and Kawaii designs at low prices and free shipping,these are great little fake nails that are so cute and adorable!
You can so keep kawaii with deco nail art!!

Stay super Kawaii