Thursday, 29 November 2012

Hello Kitty sparkles at swarovski

I knew that hello kitty had teamed with Swarovski a long time ago however there seems to be new lines added so I thought I would show you some.

Santa kitty is far to cute!

I would never be able to afford one of these they are very expensive but kitty -tastic for the more mature fans of hello kitty,I will stick to my love of plushies and other things by Hello kitty.
which I will show you my newest kittys too!

Hello kitty with her red bow and apple!

she looks so charming!

what a sparkly necklace

You can find the whole range over at the Swarovski online website
Which one do you like I love the one with Pink and love hearts on her.
so so kawaii ne~

Here is my newest addition of my Hello kitty collection.

she is super gothic and adorable,i got her at a great price and she is super soft,I want to keep her in her box,the image on her box is one of my most loved images reminds me of a gothic alice in wonder land,
just so cute.
I have a other new kitty and a new Kitty make up bag that I will share with you soon as well as a new kawaii winter jumper,I just need to get some good photos and such.
Till later