Thursday, 15 November 2012

Kawaii Nail Art

So a few of you wanted to know how I do my nails.I wear fake nails from time to time,As a mummy and house wife when I am not on the hunt of Kawaii or bring you Kawaii. 
Its all chores and hard work and my nails don't get the love and attention to stay long,so I keep em short even though I love long nails and more so if they are super Kawaii!

I normally use a pack of 200 fake nails that that me like ages maybe over 9 months lol,I like to paint them in many colours and try a bit of decoden nails and failed so I have ordered a few pre made sets,which I am excited about getting.I like both Kawaii nails that go with both Lolita fashion and Gyaru,as I like both of those style in make up also.

kawaii nails

Gyaru style nails 3D decoden.

Ombre style nail art.
This is a style I had to give a go.Ombre effect where the polish of colours blend into each other and I have seen many ways how to do this it seem to be a bit of a trend too, but I will only be describing the way I did it.

You will need.
Min of 2 coloured nail polishes
Top coat nail polish 
A angled sponge 
and a lot of time to set aside for drying.

I used baby and a soft orange and lilac to create a pastel rainbow effect.
But you do not have to use as many but you will need the min of 2 polishes,one as the main colour and the other one to fade into.

1st pain your nails in the main colour and wait till they are super dry as you dont want to be using the sponge on wet nails it will make a uneven surface on the nail.

This is the kind of sponge you want and if its got lots of holes in it even better to make the faded effect.
Simply take the main colour and the fade colours.
Painting them on the sponge the main colour and then the fade ones next to it ,blend them if you can.
and then its a case of pressing the sponge into the nail over and over to get the effect you want,as soon as you are done,get the top coat and lacker it on to the semi wet nail and leave to dry and do this for all the nails.
There easy as that!
You can use a smoother sponge and made more of a bolder effect or make it as easy way to do white tips for a DIY French manicure,other one I did for my nails that worked out really well!

Here is a image I found but they didn't paint the polish on to the sponge

I would love to see your attempts of nail art so feel free to seen me them!