Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Kawaii Club-package 3.

Its that time again ,I decided to Blog than vblog about the package this month,with mini me, Chibi bean know coming up 2... (omg my chibi bean why you grow up so fast ..)
so  the kawaii club package 3!

So this is the month of the Tartan take over over that the keep it secret page on facebook, check me out ..I even got a keep it secret email address...I feel like part of the family....♪~♪ d(⌒o⌒)b♪~♪
I hope that,I get to become more involved the team are super nice,but the reason i have been left in charge...(huhuhu) is that some of the team have go off on a 2 week adventure in the search of Kawaii!

*note that the online shop is closed till they come back*

Any how getting back to the package for oct..even though we get in in November,yea it confuses me at times which package I am on lol!
So what did we get this month!
We got a Kawaii club discount for a company called which sell super Kawaii hand made items and other cute things as well as discount for Keep it Secret,a reminder flyer of hyper Japan that is on this month.
*tear* gutted I can not go this year .

Here is a photo of the stuff here,Kawaii panda ear muffs,Hello kitty clip together snaps,sweeties and a Pucca purse.

these panda ear muffs are my second pair cause I saw them in New Look at £5.99 but I have give my other set to chibi bean. 

ear muffs on its time to be Kawaii in winter!

Hello kitty bud clicks,these are super handy for resealing any food in bags.

Or for holding Jewellery and bits and bobs.

some yummy Kawaii sweets and a super cute Pucca purse.
Again its only £9.99 a month and incs postage its worth the value esp when the ear muffs are in the shops for £5.99!

So if you want to join here is the link for the Kawaii club!