Sunday, 25 November 2012

Make up and Why I wear it.

On the facebook group Kawaii Bloggers that I created I saw a blog entry that was really interesting and I wanted to take part and do a similar post about make-up.
Make up, not every one can leave the house with out make up on,some like to use it to express themselves too,I have seen some wonder make up skills online and to me make up can help enhance the beauty one already has.
I love make up but I can go for days with out any on at all,maybe its cause Im a stay at home mummy and it dont bother me even if I have to run out to the shop for milk ect.

So to start off, you've got to upload a photo of your face with only one side of your make-done, the other side has to be natural. Editing your natural beauty side is not allowed!

This is my 3rd attempt at gyaru make up,I love Japanese style makeup and big eyes and the fact it can make you look younger ,I am very into fake lashes both up and lower ones but stick to natural or barely there colours to make my eyes bigger.
my make up in full gyaru

Half and Half

As you can see my foundation is slightly darker than my skin tone and you can see that the eye make up makes my eyes bigger and longer?
I feel Gyaru make up can make you look cute and mature at the same time.
The fake lashes are very important achieve this look I think...

1. When did I start wearing make-up?
I wore a bit of make up at school but was not really fussed about it,but it was a company policy as a hairdresser to wear a min of foundation,blusher and mascara so I would have been about 17.
(showing I'm not as young as you all think I am lol)

2. How do you feel without make-up?
I really dont mind wearing no make up,am very comfortable in my own skin.

3. What do you like about make-up?
II like make up because its fun,and you can achieve many looks and enhance your own natural features,make up covers all style of fashion and is always evolving with styles.It can also fit any price budget.
It can also make you look younger than you are and older for sneaking into nightclubs,which I never did...*cough*

4. Tell the story about your growing love for make-up...
Again i was not fussed about make up till I was 17 so it was basic make up,then as I got into fashion it was still basic and simple,then I got into smoky eyes as I went out a lot and though it was so cool lol .Its only been the past few years i have been into dolly eye make up for wearing lolita and rokku /casual gyaru.This as made make up more fun for me as I love j-fashion so much.

5. Tell your 3 "holy grail" make-up products...

oh this is hard hmm..
~fake lashes but Revlon lash glue!
~ Barry M BLINK eyeliner
~ Bourjois 123 foundation