Sunday, 18 November 2012

Origami lets make it cute.

Origami is the art from Japan of paper folding, ori meaning "folding", and kami meaning "paper" (kami changes to gami due to rendaku).I have been admiring the art since a small girl and only this year bought a starter kit to learn to make some.I through myself in the deep end and attempted advanced projects...My hope faded as my cranes looked like mush and my flowers looked like paper aeroplanes.

However like the Amigurumi,I kept trying over and over with scrap paper,then like the Amigurumi it clicked in place(maybe I was from Japan in my before life.....)Eventually I made a crane and was overjoyed after that,I went looking on the net for more things to make.

As much as I loved the traditional objects to make and such...I felt the need to bring some Kawaii to my new hobby.So I got thinking with Xmas looming ,how cute would it be to give origami in with my gifts....but how could i do that and make it cute?!
Then I came across Kawaii origami bows,Great! These cuties would work so well as gift tags instead of buying the normal Xmas style ones so i set about making 1st one was a complete mess ^^' .
But once i got into the swing of it ...

I made a good few...
You could make them more puffy looking or choose lace like paper and Deco them out too and use them more for just Xmas but for birthdays and such they are super cute and and once you get the hang of it there are easy to make.
Then I wanted to make more hand made gift tags to add on my gifts but as origami and  found this Lotus design and again took a while to get the hang of it but it made such a pretty effect and there is space for leaving a small message inside the flower and again adorable to use for more mature gifts but I will be adding some Deco to make them super Kawaii.

As well as gift tags,I am going to be getting really into my creative roots and be doing a art piece for my grand-folks this year for there Xmas and look forward to starting it.I will post up some photos once its under way, I have a lot of folding to do...

Here is one of my daughters gifts wrapped up with some origami gift tags

And other gift tags i have made out of old xmas cards too.
Kawaii ne!

Also I found some super Kawaii Origami ideas to create too

I found this bunny mail packet hard to do but super kawaii.
so pretty

pandas <3


Kawaii boxes with ears.

Here is the link to where I got my bow and lotus how to's

Till later every one