Saturday, 3 November 2012

Wig lockshop review

I have been selling off my other wigs that I no longer wear due to them having bangs/fringes.
I have been using that money to save for a few things one being a camera. ^^
but I had enough to get a new wig.I returned to the lock shop for my wig,I have got my eye on a few know!

This is one of the newest wig that is very long and is hand dyed at the ends its stunning and of course looks lush on the model.I like the style and the colours of this wig,like all the wigs in the lock shop there is a selection of colours that  look like colours that you could get by going to to a salon.

There is something very cute but causal about this wig its not on the top of my wish list but I would love to own one. Its so cool right?!

The other Wigs are the very short wigs that are new and very sweet looking, my suggestion for the name was picked and they have been called Pixie wigs.
Now my hair is like this short so there really is not much point of me buying a really short wig like this but they are very cute!
So before these wigs there was a a few other new wigs come out and colours in existing styles,it took me a while which wig I wanted to buy 1st its just so hard cos they are all so stunning.

In the end I went for the short curly bob style wig in the new cherry red.
(^photo above^)

I have reviewed the lock shop many a time,the website is easy to use payment is easy to place a order then pay.
The  postage took about a week not even to the UK.
You get up to date emails about your order so you know when its shipped ect.

everything is all wrapped up safely and neatly you also get a wig cap for your wig wearing.

Im glad I got this wig,it is not to short like the GLW bob, I have had a play about with this wig and its very easy to style for a range of looks even though its a short (shoulder length) .
I have already got 2 styles out of this wig! 
Not only that  this wig is super soft stays in shape even when you take a comb to it its full with volume and body too.
Its sooo easy to wear and look after,where the longer ones which will naturally tangle slightly with wearing them for long periods this one is not doing this.
I hope they bring out more colours of this one cause I like the easiness of wearing this wig and can go about my day with out having to comb out tangles or move it out the way while running about doing stuff so I LOVE wig so much.
The colour of this wig is a lot brighter than the curly Auburn wig,this one is more red and brighter in shade and tone.

I am now currently debating with wig I want next, but will have save up for but this maybe next year!
Here is a photo of  my new wig and hat btw.

With my other wig in auburn  I got creative and styled it with my clip in black pieces and created a new look.

This is the auburn curly wig with the black clip in pieces (also from the Lock shop)blended into the sides and through the base wig,was very easy to do this and it makes the wig look more Lolita and very Kawaii!
I posted it on the Lock shop face book page and they really liked the colour way of the look so watch this space I may have created a new style haha!

Till then stay super Kawaii