Monday, 3 December 2012

Cute Japanese Fashion

Cute Japanese fashion,is a great shop for us in the UK,a cute shop that sells lots of up to date fashions from the east,I have bought from them and wanted to show you what it was I had had my eye on for a while since it came in stock and had to wait a while to get my hands on it.

I fell in love with a few things from the shop,But this is what I ordered.

This is a oversized knit hoodie with 2 cute geeky/nerd bunnie heads.
When you shop with them make sure you shop in your size, you'll see it on the left hand side,keep in mind that the sizes will be a tad smaller that the normal uk size too, if you like to wear baggy stuff,however its not the case with this item.
I think it would drown a small size person but then it is the style and aim for this Hoodie.
The Hoodie comes in 2 colours the fawn or the blue.
I went for the fawn.
The inside of the hoodie is furry,like pushy fur and very soft and I did wonder if it would able to keep a cold person like me warm.
I like the over size style and the soft inside,and the warmth of the hoodie with is perfect for me and when I wore it with my wigs,I was getting a little to warm!

Its super easy to order from cute japanese fashion and if your on Facebook with them you can get a 10% discount!.

Super soft
Super warm
Easy to use web site with payment and shipping 
Nice size lots of room
Big buttons nothing more annoying that tiny buttons
Worth the money.
Fast postage
Helpful customer service
(this item was out of stock and i asked to get a heads up when the item was back in stock.)
Super kawaii!

(that i found)
Its a little on the heavy side
and a little long on me but I am a short person.
but apart from those tiny things that are not must a issue for me as I will be wearing this all winter long.

Its sooo cute and nerdy,I can even wear a other jumper under it to keep super warm too,more so with all the snow due here,we got our 1st batch of snow today!

Ive already seen a few other cute things form the cute Japanese fashion shop,its worth a look at.

Till later