Monday, 31 December 2012

Kawaii Secrets from Keep it secret guys here are some Kawaii Secrets from Keep it Secret that I want to share with you!
Lots of new exciting things making their way into the shop.
There is a lot of yummy super cute snacks on offer so lets check them out!
Head over to to this link of snacks from the online shop to get your snacks but hurry as these are going fast.
sorry for the very fuzzy images 

Gummy's are so yummy!
Lots and lots of pocky and Memiji bundle packs in stock.
And some of them are at a lower price too.
Lots of savings for you all.


Peanut flavour pocky!

Can pocky get any more Kawaii!?
and not just all about the Kawaii snacks
Remember the cute tin I got in the Kawaii club package later this year that I find great for keeping bits and pieces in?
Well you can know get your hands on the tin from the shop.
How cute is Rilakkuma?!

While we are also on the topic of new,Keep it secret have launched its 1st ever clothing line,so far there are 2 items up for feeing your Kawaii addiction...
The 1st being a super fun even Cosplay hoodie  that can zip all the way up so that you can become a complete upper half  panda!

The other item being a this cute lil bargin of a winter cape that has a hood.

I really like it-even though pinks not my 1st choice in colour but I think its cause its so pretty and and cute looking,This would be great for not only winter but in fall and the start or spring,or all year round in My case case its soo cold!!!

so what you waiting for go check them out over at 
Till later
Stay Super Kawaii