Thursday, 27 December 2012

Modes4u Review

Kawaii Lovers,hope you have all had a wonderful and super kawaii Christmas!
Ah I hope you were all spoilt with Kawaii over dose!
A few weeks back I won a give away blog with Modes4u ,I won by luck with my comment on the give-away being the winning number,I got a bunch of Kawaii goodies and the process of getting my prize was full of customer service and they were oh so nice.
My prize was super kawaii and adorable.

It was the Kawaii deer that caught my eye in the give-away and I fell in love with it but really thought I had no chance of winning.
But I did!
After winning I re-checked out the site,many a times I have looked at the stuff but never ordered .
So because I fell in love with the Deer,I wanted to treat myself to a few more,they were just so sweet! and a Extra cute paw key chain.

Shipping and postage.
The shipping is free international shipping ,the items are in china and located there,
so it do take about 10-15days,to reach the UK,But I ordered on the 15th Dec and it was shipped on the 17th and lucky for meit came to me on Christmas eve.
Its safely packed and gift wrapped up in side so I kept mine to open on Christmas I mean only one sleep away to opening other Kawaii goodies.

The Deer are super cute the are quite bit for a charm or key ring so I have mine with my kitty's they come in a small range of Kawaii patterns and are super cute.They are made of a leathery tough material and are nice and shiny !
Pretty cute things are a weak spot for me haha.
The key ring of the paw is sweet I hope to use it for my phone some how.

Customer service
I cant really comment on this as there was no need for contact,but they email you and keep you up to date with your orders process.

Over all
fast shipping,cute products and Kawaii overload

Here are my new Deer's If any one can be able to tell me anything more about theses cuties please leave a comment I feel an addiction coming on haha!
I think they are called Puchi Barbie Deer but yea please let me in on some information on them.

Till later