Friday, 14 December 2012

My Eternal child -BJD

Kawii lovers,how are you all doing,are you all getting excited with Christmas being so near now?
Finally got my BJD Eternal child,Yesterday.
I was super excited but at the same time I wanted to be super careful opening up the packet she came in.
Every thing was neatly wrapped up.
It like a early Christmas gift,I'm waiting on so much in the post its annoying that this time of year the postal service is so slow.
So here are some photos for you all.

Box and Wig wrapped up.

I got her faced up so that I didnt have to do it myself not cause I am lazy I just didn't want to mess her up.
I was a little worried when she looked very lose in her box.
But after taking her out and looking at her she was all okay

 I love how creepy they look with no eyes haha.
She is very small but so cute and can pose very well as stand on her own too.

I put her eyes in ,which was not very easy as it was so fiddly opening up the back of the head and trying to put the eyes in place and keep them there when adding the eye putty .oh and I made some DIY outfits with some scraps and crochet so she is not so naked.
I have ordered one small dress and I have a dress she came with.
I have also given her the name Mimmy.
(after hello kittys sister.)
Some more photo for you below.

with her eyes in.

DIY outfits.

With her wig on.
I love how small she is,so she will not take up to much room,I have eyed up the bigger Hujoo but,I dont see me buying a other on any time soon as there are so many other things on my wish list of kawaii and such.
However Little Mimmy here has found a nice place on my shelf in the bedroom with the Kitties till I have a stand for her.
My other half says she looks like the dolls from the diet cola advert .
so till next time .