Saturday, 8 December 2012

Tis the season to be Hello kitty kawaii

It's that time of year again,it was my post last year that put like into followers and Likers of my Hello Kitty Christmas tree that really got my Blog going and it it was not for that spark of interest and you all this Blog would have not had the sparkle to make become what it is today .
So this year,I have taken on the task to make this years hello kitty Xmas even better than last year!

I had to get the glue gun,and the DIY stuff this year and got very creative,went through my haul of Kitty kawaii and hunted out the best pieces.
I spotted this and I fell in love with this cute and pink wreath ,just a small plan one and had to get it and then I got some small silver and glitter bobbles to have on it and then make it very hello kitty by hanging a kitty inside the inner part of the wreath and this is my end result.
This is it hanging up on the wall.

This year the tree is my kawaii white tree which I adore the colour of,I was very tempted to go and buy a pink one but I got a feeling that the other half may have killed me and say it would be way over the top. over the top of kawaii?
Ya dont say!
So white tree it is,but last year there was only a few kittys placed within its branches and last year I had a mix of colour ways where this year I have gone white and pink.
But this time its covered in Kitty-ness.
I had my dearest friend over to help me create my tree of christmas kitty love and she did admit its very girly and Im not that girly of a person....maybe I have changed
As its not only my daughter chibi beans 2nd  Christmas but also her 2nd birthday this month that lands yup...on Christmas.
Even a few under the tree and plushes of kitty in the other decorations around the room.
Even done the xmas gifts with hello kitty wrapping paper and my own DIY gift tags of Hello kitty gift tags!
(however these are hidden away!)

so scroll down and enjoy this delightful photo collection of a Kawaii Hello Kitty Christmas tree and all the Kitty trimmings.

I hope you find them super Kawaii
and if I don't get a chance before since Christmas is sorta crazy for me and my loved ones.

I wish you all a Kawaii merry Christmas and a happy new year!
Chu ~


Me posing with my cute tree.