Wednesday, 23 January 2013

BJD Project Update

My Project Hujoo Doll has been sitting for a while as I had to wait on its new wig and eyes,They came in the post the other day.I was really happy,the eyes are so pretty, I've not installed them in yet. I need to face her up.I got a pretty wig for the doll that is very close in colour to my own auburn wig from the lock shop.
Here are a few photos.

The eyes look so creepy lol!

The wig in its bag.
When I went to put on the wig its super tight that it kept popping off.I got a rubber band and put it around the dolls head to help keep the wig on.
It seems to work well.
I put the wig on the doll so see how it looks,I keep calling it a doll until I have picked a name for her.

With the wig she looks more doll like,I need to get supplies to do her face up the colour of the wig is making me think of doing a warm complexion for her.

We have had lots of snow fall over the past 3-4 days and on a BJD group am on they were taking the chance to take photos out in the snow with the dolls.
It inspired me to also take a few photos,I took my other Doll out Mimmy and got some really smart looking images.

I love that some of the snowflakes stayed in Mimmy's Hair.

She looks so cute!
I will post up photos when I get round to doing the other dolls face up.
Still need a name for her.
I also may have got them new outfits each!