Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Cream Egg Challenge

So at the start of the year My new years goals was to drop a size and lose some weight while keeping a healthy diet,doing lots of exercise too.I went to my own doctor to get a check up to make sure that everything was okay to do so.But at this time of year is my biggest down fall... Cream Eggs and soon and as soon as you hit the new year they are creeping into the shops,I have in the past bought a stock box of 50 and I love them eating 2 or 3 one after a other.
I really really love them!

So this year with my health eating I have been put to a challenge no sweet creamy sugary cream eggs for me .Not buying any or eating any.

This so far has been to easy until I saw them in the shop the other day.
My will power almost gave in but I had still to get some other shopping so had to walk away even though they looked oh so yummy and I think they were calling out to me as well!
I have a few family and friends who have bided against my will power.
So I thought well may as well make it more fun for me and not give in to my craving of the eggs and decided to put the money I save into treating myself to my dream bag!

Am not even touching the mini version of the eggs or the cream egg bars that you can get.
I will say one thing I can not wait till Easter is over with as this will be super hard for me.

But the benefits of not giving in to this are out numbered,Healthier diet will not take a down word spiral or my new eating habits,I can still have other chocolate,(even though its just not the same *sob*).
And I will save a bit of money and get my dream bag!!!!

So just gotta keep thinking about that Kawaii dream bag every day and pull out my inner will power.
Maybe I will do this again next year and raise money or cut out some other bad snack that we should not over indulge!
I mean I have walked over Fire for charity so this should be easy right?!
Lend me your strength!

Wish me luck!

Till Later