Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Kawaii Year 2013.

Hello my Kawaii lovers,Happy New Year to you all,Have you set some goals and dreams to achieve this year yet? Or are you still thinking hard to pick one or two.
I have a few of my own,I guess I hope with blogging them that they will be motivation and a reminder to try and aim for them.
But lets look at the past year of 2012.Well in the grand scheme of things nothing really happened much for me,but My Blog has started slowly but surely getting noticed.I have interviewed some cool people and company's that took part in my Blog likes of Rainbowoholic,I have got to review lots of products for keeping super kawaii.
I have also become part of Keep it secret  as a extra help on facebook too.

Next year I don't have any set plans for My Blog, I hope it can keep running and that I don't come to a point of running out of Kawaii things to Blog about.
Maybe I will aim to Interview some other Kawaii Lovers that are out there?!
Personally I will not stop my Kawaii hunting or searching because I enjoy it.
I hope you all like the cute background and new banner ^^
Its more lighter and Kawaii.
I plan to put down some goals for myself likes of the following.

Healthy eating.
(Bye bye cakes and yummy kawaii nom noms)
Dropping a size.
(Hello cute outfits)
Toning up .
(Hello tighter outfits)
Being a bit more comfortable in what I wear with confidence by exploring fashion trends.
Saving money.
Get to few Anime Convention or EXPO .

So time to get my pink yoga ball out and pink Kawaii weights and get to it right?