Monday, 28 January 2013

Kawaii Kitty Hunting

So I have been Kawaii Kitty Hunting yet again.
Its an addiction, I say a it is unhealthy but it's only unhealthy for my bank account.
We all love a good bargain when it comes to buying which is why I swear by eBay, like the saying goes.
One man's rubbish is a other man's treasure.
I like to check there every so often to see if I can pick up a few kitty s on the cheep side.
Though I do like to buy them brand new from shops if its a Kitty that I really want.
Here is a few goodies I have got off eBay at a good price.

The one with the pink heart dress is a sweetie, and the one with the Pinky Tartan with the Strawberry bow is HUGE! I had to bid on her, I was ready to take my offer high but in the end didn't need to and got her at a low price.You can see from the middle photo how big she is, With having the little kitty on her knee.
There are 2 other kitty's that I would like to add to my collection.
These two.

If you take a close look at her dress,its got lots of images of Hello Kitty and her family on the print.

I really like this one for the cute dress and the heart she is holding!

The other Kitty that I have had my eye on, for some time now.
 Is the Mac X Hello Kitty plush from 2009, she is so pretty and stylish.
But the prices are so high and you only see a few on eBay every so often. Mostly over in the USA.
It is quite a task to get one, I thought I may have to save up to £60 + to get one...then I came across a buy it now on eBay with that very Kitty. I just had to have her .
I have been waiting on her for a few days and finally got her in the post today.
Soo here she is...

Till later