Thursday, 10 January 2013

My new Project

Hey every one,so its been a slow start the year,Maybe its cause its January it feels so slow.
Any how I wanted to have a project to do for a bit of fun,so I got myself a new BJD!

I got a second hand one that I found on a sales group and its already here.

Unlike my other doll Mimmy this one comes with no eye,hair or face up so its a empty shell I guess.
I want to make this as a darker version of Mimmy.
So I have the Doll and have got a few bits and pieces on order.
Im thinking of giving it auburn hair to set it aside from my other doll,I've found some cute brown eyes and a few outfits,but the one thing I have to do which maybe really hard is the face up,doing the make up on the I thought I would post up the progress of my new project here so here are some photos so far.

I will post more photos once I get the other pieces and such.
It will also need a name I think I am making it to be female so suggest away!
Also look out for my upcoming give-away!
till later