Sunday, 20 January 2013

Pinkoholic Review

Ah just in time with the Give away my 2nd order from Pinkoholic has arrived. I just love what this little online store has to offer,with new things every week its going to brake my bank balance!


So lets get on with the review already!

Website/Online shopping
Its really easy to use this website,it gives all the information and clear images of the products.
The way to order from Pinkoholic is a little different to other sites,I would check before checking out the shops products the dates for the last orders,As the shop orders from overseas  and takes to many orders then places them at once then once they are packed and checked by the shop -im guessing here.
They then ship them out the to the customers location.

Package and Shipping
The shipping takes a little longer due to the order system they have in place however taking this into account the shipping is not that bad because the home page gives you a rough ideas when the orders will arrive and when the cut off dates are for placing the orders.Neat huh?!
My order for example was placed on the 31st Dec and confirmed,then the item was shipped from the UK on the the 12th Jan and got to me on the 15th,so approx took about 2 weeks which is not that long really.
But check the home page for all the information from Pinkoholic 
The package came is a Kawaii pink plastic postal bag all my orders have come safe and sound with no damage.

The Products.
The products are oh so Kawaii I love shopping with Pinkoholic!
There was one item that was changed in my order,I got a email saying one of the colours were out of stock so I got to pick a refund or a other colour,I went for a other colour instead.
All the products I have bought are good quality,soft and as pictured from the website .
Take note the sizes are in cm measurements so make sure to check your size!

Customer service
Great friendly service,and they are happy to help you in any way!

The pink jumper hoodie.
The Camera did not pick up my  new jumpers colour due to all the snow fall reflecting off it.

Rate out of Ten
Would like to see more slightly bigger sizes as these are all fashions from the East and they are so tiny over there,would recommend getting measured in cm's and keep em handy!

Check out the webshop here