Monday, 4 February 2013

Kawaii Love is in the Air

Ahh Valentines day ^^ its one of the super Kawaii days in the year where the run up the shops pull out all the stops to get your attention,but what if your lover is in to all things super Kawaii.
With it being only a few weeks away here are a few ideas and hints to leave around for your boyfriends and other half's.
The 1st thing is both for us girls but for the boys too,Candy!What about making your own chocolate shaped hearts or cookies there is no limit here!

*all images sourced from Google search I do not claim any as my own*

Oh so Kawaii and yummy,not to hard to make either!

I am a softy for any plushes so lets look at those too!

Kitty Plush with a small love heart so cute hai!?

Domo Kun Love any one?

Or a Kawaii pink Mushroom?

Flowers can be Kawaii by adding cute ribbon to them and lace or getting them in some cute heart shaped vases too.

Or why not make your Valentine cards from Origami.
so sweet and cute and not forgetting thoughtful with it being hand made too!

I will most likely be making some thing for my other half and bless his cotton socks I tend to leave hints about the house or emails showing him the things I adore or would like.But he had be able to do it on his own a few times  and I have always been very delighted with my gifts of love.

So even if you don't have a other half or a current boyfriend nothing better than a gift from you to you because they are often the best ones.

Stay Super Kawaii