Wednesday, 13 February 2013

New Kawaii Club Ookii Package Review

Hey Guys - Oh Wow, Look, Look!
Look ,what I got in the post, well actually I got  bit of post . See I have been away for a few days and been ill.So finding two packages waiting on me from my all fave time online Kawaii Shop- Keep it Secret put a smile on my face and more so with having to put down one of my guinea pigs down today.
Oh gee can my week get any worse!? 
So One of the packets is my monthly subscription to the Kawaii Club but am not doing a review on it this time.

No I am going to review the other package I got instead from the Kawaii Club, This is a sneaky look at the new Kawaii Ookii Package that is available soon on The Kawaii Club website Found here!
Here is a little information on the Ookii Parcel. Its price is only £19.99/Month* You will get  about 6-8 Hand-Picked Kawaii Items that range from different Japanese Brands,You will receive Exclusive Discounts and  a chance to win the HUGE DEKAI Crate contest and  don't forget Free UK Delivery!
So lets check it out!
The 1st thing You will seen in difference is the package is a parcel box that has a super cute logo and Kawaii design making it stand out from your normal post and bring a smile to your face!

So cute!
 Inside the products are wrapped up with kawaii-ness in some gift wrap tissue paper.

The Box is full to the top,Its got your monthly newsletter with your Kawaii Club exclusive discount's information on what the team have gotten up to and other Kawaii news likes of Expos they will be attending and even information on the contests.
I also got a few flyers and such too.

This is what I got inside my parcel!

What you get is much more than the original subscription package which has know been called the Chibi package/parcel.
There are a few items that you get that are the same as the Chibi Package but you get much much more in items,I like the variety of products.This one had a few house hold items that will come in handy likes or bag reseals and even super cute plasters!
There is a small pack of San- x deck of cards,A Plushie key chain and so much yummy goodies!
Oh damm why did I go on a diet!?!?!
Would I upgrade to the Ookii parcel.
Yes I would ,you do get much more in the package and with the free shipping as well its value for money.
So if you like the Chibi package and want to go out all Kawaii!
Sign up for the up coming Ookii Parcel from Keep it Secret.
Find out more at the following Links

10 out of 10!