Wednesday, 27 February 2013

New Kitty Haul

Hey Kawaii lovers!
How you all are doing well- sorry for the neglect. (-_-') 
In other new's am finally back to full health again! 
That's the good news and also the kitchen is all done!
Am guessing you don't really want to see any photos of a new kitchen-haha just looks like a kitchen right?
Also I've been so busy, With J-Grab's Kawaii Blush, Keep it secret and Hello Kitty 4U!
Plus I have to get the house in shape for a family visit- I never take the easy way to do things haha!
Not to mention all the attention am getting form my Kawaii Blogging projects.
Do'nt worry am not burnt out yet. Today I took some time out to spend in the sunshine and chill.It never lasts long though. 

So I got some new Kittys would you like too see what I have added to my collection?
A kitty with a Heart, A Lamb Kitty, A London dress Kitty , A cupid Kitty and my prizes form HelloKitty4U
so much Kawaii!

I also got a haul of Hello Kitty Make-up too.

Any one used this make-up before,I got it out of super-drug.
Oh and I got some Barry M stuff too hehe.
Love that stuff!

Till Next Time