Friday, 22 February 2013

New shoes- Lolita Tartan and Sweet

Ah I think I have a bit of a back log of Blog posts here- with being so busy I forgot about my new shoes,
How that happen?!
Never mind here is a small Blog review on my 1st lolita shoes from Bodyline. I felt super nervous buying from them as the site is rather scary looking in some ways with charts and pop ups of ARE YOU SURE ?!
But I took a deep breath and only spent a small amount in case it all went wrong and ordered my 1st Lolita shoes!

Well the came in one piece and no damage.

I am very happy with them I picked black ones to match more of my outfits and cords for Lolita.
I picked wedge ones and low- as am hopeless walking in heels.
I like the bows added to the straps.
They are a little on the big size - I have tiny feet and very stiff on so think I  may have to wear some think socks and walk about with them on in the house a good few times.
But here is a outfit with them on!

All decked out in Tartan and Lolita-its how I roll, haha!
I think I may buy a Lolita new Tartan print Jsk some time soon.

Also am in the Japanese fashion snaps! in the Neo Magazine not a advert this time,just a tiny photo of my Sweet Lolita outfit one of my loved Dresses and outfit.
Which is really cool too!

That's all for the now.
Till next time