Thursday, 21 February 2013

Tartan Updates and Adventures

Wow , What on earth is going on? My world suddenly has started turning in a crazy but a good crazy spin.
With us working on a kitchen which has left me stuck in the house for over a week- don't fancy leaving my house unattended with work men and such walking in and out.I been a bit bored so I took part in a few contests,I think am gona have to stop them cause every time I win. That company become interested in me -teehee!

Sort of funny in a way. I think these things do happen for a reason though.
May it be the universe on my side but this year is looking so promising for me!
After talks with a other company which I won a prize from a huge set of Hello Kitty Chinese New Year decorations!
I agreed to being a Guest Kawaii Blogger for them .Which they will announce today!
Its going to be a lot of fun and extra work but this will still be my baby.
I think it will be a more personal Blog- I hope that I can keep it running for you all.

But don't worry my other Blog Kawaii Blush is still up and running and doing so so well!
its reaching over 100 views a day and already got a good handful of followers.
~ Thanks guys! chu~
I feel like a superstar with Kawaii Blush- haha
I do love Blogging and reaching out to others who like the same things as me.

I wonder what else is on this path?!
I have so many goals for this year and I really think I can reach them!
*wishes real hard*
I am so busy- and enjoying it so much,think my mission on bringing Kawaii to the UK may be a fun one.
I have got lots of new orders to show you all so keep your eyes peeled for my new hauls of Kawaii Goodies!
Any how here is a photo of a new style I was trying out. 

All from Asian online shops! (part form my boots hehe!)
What do you think?

Well till next time