Saturday, 16 March 2013

Days of snow,rain and lolita

Geeesh- I really am getting sick of all this weather from rain to snow.Its getting depressing, I miss the sunny spring days we had a few weeks back and we are due more rain and snow. Just when I thought Winter was over its back for once final attempt.
In other news I have got a new dress from Body line. Yay! ^_^
I have not worn it yet but is super pretty. Its a nice red halter neck style JSK and has lots of flowers and detail all over it. I also bought some socks that will both match it and my other red JSK that I have.

JSK I love the amount of detail of this dress ,its been on my wish list but I did also get a other JSK today which I have wanted for a while.Which is exciting!

New cute socks.
So I did plan on going out to day but as the weather was against me but I wore some lolita to brighten up the day a bit. It was more of a casual sweet look nothing over the top just a bit of fun really.
I also discovered that the underskirt  that I got really cheep 2nd hand was far to long with my Lolita outfits but only today found out that I could shorten it with out altering the underskirt in any way-yay-.
So here is a photo of me out in the rain with my outfit haha

My pink and Kawaii umbrella and coat to brighten up the rain.

My outfit.
I think I will be going to a local event next month called Doj-con. Which should be cool as I have found out a few other Lolitas are going as well I hope I can get to MCM Scotland this year as all the down south events are not longer within my reach (;~;)
Never mind always next Year.
Also Hope you all like the new background on the blog - I need to redo the image at the top too 
Till Next time