Monday, 25 March 2013

Lolita Wish List!

Hello Every-one.
I thought I would post up my Lolita wish list hehe! This is a more cheerful post than from last time.I think I have just come to the point of accepting some things will just not work out for me.
So I thought there are other dreams and wishes I have and what better way of having them on my Blog to remind me of Kawaii dreams and wishes right?!
Soo Most of this stuff is from bodyline which makes up most of my JSK's but hey its affordable and its not a big deal if anything gets on them or damaged by accident.So yea hehe (^_^)v
I really like some of these cute JSKs

I like this in both red and the black print I like the gold touches and detail its bold and cute.

This is very pretty  but I love the wine colours but the dress is sold out in most of the colour so am watching any sales groups for this one! (>.<)

This in Black/Pink colour way,What can I say its tartan print hehe!

I like the plain Black Jsk that would be my gothic side haha!

I love this cute dress too but again in the black- think I like the flower prints.Its very summery looking

Know am torn with this one the Pink is so Kawaii!
But so are the dark colours.

I also like this one in both the black and red. I guess black and red are really my favoured Colours.

I really like the Gothic style blouse or ones with bows but I don't mind plain shirts that I use until I can get my hands on some nice lolita styles ones.

I have these style of shoes in black and I love how dolly like they are and the heels are not high. I am not very good in High heels (T^T).I dont think I could ever afford all of theses! But its nice to dream and you never know maybe one day I will have a fair few to wear.
Do you have a Lolita dream list or a wish list?

Tartan kawaii x