Monday, 18 March 2013

New Kitty Haul

Hey every one. How are you all. I thought I would show you my Newest Hello Kitty Haul of late.

What did you get up to at the weekend? I went out with my little family shopping and was treated to a new nail polish, one of those Jelly Barry M shades of pink its really cute and bright really love theses nail polish's right know maybe cause they are very spring like.
I also got 2 new pairs of jeans and am super happy that am know back to my pre-pregnancy size (^_^) Yay! And to top it off the Jeans are those skinny jeans. - Happy days!- Oh and of course I spoilt Chibi bean with some new outfits too. I also had a really yummy Lunch too at a pancake Caf'e.

So here are my newest Hello Kitty's for you all to see!

This was a gift I got in with my order of Kittys.

A very fitting Hello Kitty for me right!
Hehe I love Tartan Hello Kittys so much- I was overjoyed with I got this in my hands, The plush even has Glitter in the fur and a gold nose instead of Yellow . I think it maybe a Christmas style Kitty from the snowflakes on her dress and tag. Which is sort a fitting right know as its snowing as I type this.

 This is the other Hello Kitty I got too,A Ty Liberty City X Hello Kitty, I wanted to add this one to my collection for a while but never got round to getting her.She is a darling.


Also This is a photo of how my Hello Kitty are set up at the moment.
Again I cant get all of my bedroom in one photo so- I guess this is only some of the Kitty's.

I also made a Video of them here too.


Till Next time!