Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Pastel Haul

Step into spring every one Pastel colours are back in with this seasons trends (like last year but more shades.) Last year I didn't get into them. I felt they were not really my thing but then I came across those mixing it with Gothic styles.
Pastel Goth and I though yuno why not give pastels a shot.I really like pastel nail polishes and feel in love with the new Barry M range of Jelly's- which I am going to review for you all soon.(*^_^*)

So my haul, I went with my little family out to the local shops- which may I add there is not much of but it was so cold it was a case of going in and getting what I needed!

I got 2 pastel shades light wear Jumpers- its so cold that I can ware them yet! (T^T) WHAT?! I really would love some spring time seasonal weather so I can.
I got new Barry M nail Paints that yes match my new cute jumpers and I got a pair of Kawaii lavender Geek Glasses, but my daughter got them and snapped the legs off- am gutted as I didn't get to wear them or try them on! #joyofmotherhood. (-_-')
I also got some really cute bows that match too hehe!
I though they may work with some lolita or J-fashion or Kawaii stuff I have planned to take photos of.
I also got a new Kitty hehe I found this bargain on ebay, A 11 inch tall Hello Kitty side way pose Sanrio with red dress for £1.50!
I was like- you be daft to not buy it!

She is a little dusty but no damage or anything to her! I adore her red outfit and her flower on the bow.She is very similar to a other kitty in this outfit that I have.She is a great addition as I do not have many pose side way Hello Kittys.