Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Pinkoholic Review with Video!

Hello Kawaii Lovers. 

Well I've plucked up the courage to do a Video review (not the best one cause am like so shy, when it comes to talking on camera.) 

I really want to get over my shyness,so yea hehe.
Okay so Pinkoholic ! A great online shop that sells Asian Fashion clothing.
So lets have a read of my review....


The online store is easy to use and there is plenty to look at.You have all your sections of dresses and jumpers ect grouped together on the left hand side. I love the Website the look of it. Its very pretty, pink and girly but don't panic there is lots of colours they don't just sell pink things.
I order a top and Hoodie. I often buy the Kawaii Hello kitty stuff because you cant get this sort of stuff in the normal high street shops.\(^_^)/
The shop is updated alot and lots of new things come on the website regularly.Oh and check out the accessories for Kawaii Findings!


Shipping is different you have a closing date to get your order in for the closing date.So you may have a longer wait for your items if you put yours in early.Once the orders are send off for the closing date you will get a dispatch email to say your items will be with you soon(^_^).Mine come roughly 2-3 days after the email.
Every parcel I have had , has come in a Pink parcel and sealed securely.( to the point I fight to open it hahah!.) 


I have not had any problems with the products form Pinkoholic its good quality for the money you pay and I think the price for the products are extremely reasonable.I would suggest to find out your measurements for size in CM ! That way you can make sure that the items will be a good size for you as they are not done in UK sizes. You can get this information by measuring your self and or converting the size with the magic of Google  (>.<) I have not had any issues when buying size wise. 

My Order

My new Hello Kitty White Top and my new Kawaii Hoodie in gray.
They are just so cool!

I just can not wait,  to put them together for some photos,though they are more for every day casual wear!

Here is the link to my Video Review
AHH! am so shy about this (*o*)
Any way be gentle with as I want to hear your comments and suggestions for new Videos !

Till then

Tartan xx