Saturday, 23 March 2013

Random thoughts on Lolita and Life

Hey every one so I duno but yea am in a bit of a off mood.I guess I have been for a few days. I could blame female stuff and such but I think its been the depressing weather we have had for so long and even optimist Kawaii type  gets a bit gloomy and down ( Like a sorta gloomy bear being cute and pink and all bit crazy...and such hahahaha(-_-;) Yea ?!). (T^T) uhuh.
So ... Lolita.Life.
So as a Blogger its a hobby and I have neglected this Blog a bit sorry about that and like every one. I have dreams and such too some of those things being likes of expo's and conventions I know that there are lots of things I want to do or take part with other that that but it is hard work planning it around a 2 year old .So again this year it looks like I am going to miss out on lots of events down south.I am in hope of at least getting to go to the Scottish ones.(^_^)
So that then brings me to Lolita. I sometimes wonder if I should keep up with my Lolita closet. I love to dress in Lolita.The image as a whole its so darn cute and when you are dressed up you feel really happy and its like a armour of Kawaii against the world, but if I am not going to most of the events or if any at all, at the rate am going at. Then I am debating  if its really worth my time and efforts. Maybe I am questioning myself to much or something. Am not really sure. (>.<) Maybe that I am not getting to wear Kawaii fashion as much cause am feeling a bit low? Who knows.
I did get a quick chance of Lolita last weekend and got to try my white wig out with my Hello Kitty Cosplay but if I get to wear it out to a event that could be a different story haha!

I think the wig goes really well! I with that the band that  holds my ears was white rather than black but not much I can do about that. (^_^;) I am debating if a better Yellow top is in order but again don't want to get to fussy about it if am not going to get to wear it.

This is the Lolita outfit I wore ,when I got the chance I wanted to try out the Petit that you can just see under the skirt as I found out I could make the Petit shorter in length (feels really stupid for not noticing it before.)
Also I choose a wig that I have not really worn with a outfit yet and it was nice to wear it again I cant seem to  get a image that shows its colour well. (^__^;;)

I do however have a new JSK that I have yet to put to together with a coord and a other one (2nd hand) on its way. I also have a few other small things in the post due to arrive which I hope to show you soon.
As well as the my newest dresses but I really need to get some nice new blouses too.
Any how after some of my ranting in my post.
Till next time 

Tartan xxx