Friday, 8 March 2013

The Zoo ,Plush Kittens and Gloomy weather

Hey every one!
How are we all doing then?

Oh Okay I know- I've not kept up with this Blog much. I think I have way to much fun with my other blogs that I neglect this one a bit. My bad! The weather has been so gloomy and depressing too.
I really have not been up to much apart form a family visit and a trip to the Zoo.
Here are some Photos for you all, ^_^ I was dead chuffed to meet the Zoo's Pandas too!

I didnt get many photos due to Chibi Bean taking a Tantrum more a less the whole time (Joy of mother hood.) Anyhow it was not so bad in the end and the Pandas made up for the stress of it all.
I finally got my newest Hello Kittys' in a mini photo shoot with a picnic too they look so cute in the photos and I also started getting the At Home with Hello Kitty Magazine that I have used with my Bjd Mimmy  with photos too.Any one else getting the Magazine its dead cute.

You collect the magazine each week and get a item to put in the House that you can send away for- I think I may get the house for Chibi bean it looks really cute.

The stuff is quite a size and goes well with 'Mimmy'.
As well as my blogging I have also been bust with the Keep it Secret team and working on some top secret projects.I also been working on article for a new online UK fashion Magazine.
It really is all go in the House of Tartan haha!!
I also got 2 new kittens of the Plush kind in the post from Hello Kitty4U these are X-San
They are so soft and Kawaii

anyhow that all for know.