Sunday, 28 April 2013

Am Back

Hello, Hello, Hi there!
Omg the drama of last week, well it was not a good week for me at all.
Chibi bean was not sleeping well which left me so so tried urgh! So annoying and it went of for a whole week of getting if I was lucky 2 or 3 hours of broken sleep.Then on the Monday night my Laptop went to laptop heaven. What a drama!
Any how am back online ready to rock and roll with some blogging yay!

It was so annoying being disconnected form the cyber world.Hope you didnt all miss me to much haha!
Any way I got a new laptop yay! Its so cute,Like mega kawaii!
Check her out.

Yup she is in hot pink hehe!
I also deck her all out in pint themes and desktop wall paper too.
And of course Hello Kitty as you can see!

I also got My new Jsk from Bodyline in the post and I also got some other Kawaii Goodies that I will be blogging about very soon! So yea look out for these later on this week, Know that am back on line am ready to keep busy and work hard on all the blogs!
So this is quite a short post- sorry about that but like I said I will make up for it!
I also have a treat for you all too coming really soon!
So till then!

Stay super kawaii!