Thursday, 4 April 2013

Cool Cats at I Love Crafty

Hey Kawaii Lovers, I got a small review and store highlight for you all today.
I was doing my daily read's in the Facebook groups and found a link in one of them Frill's and Frolic's and some one found a nice wee online shop.Which have a nice collection of Cat inspired accessories, Well I had to just check them out!

The online shop is called I Love Crafty, its got a few collections but it was the Cat one of course I had to go check out.In the end I ordered a small set from them.
I love the modern twist and style to these, And I ordered from the Esty store and got a set of one black ring and the shirt conner clips. All in Black. 

I currently have some ''issue with my phone'' that I can no up load my own photos. * insert glare and annoyed face here* So will have to use the stock images instead yea but you get the all credits got to the shop,models,and photographers that are involved I do not claim these as my own!
*I got the photos uploaded know!*

I have to say the online shop and Esty are really easy to use and to check out, All the photos are sharp and clear and the products all look stunning.
Here is what I got in my set.

The 'Cat nap' Ring in black I love it ! it comes in white too but I wanted the black one to match the shirt clips.
I could see myself getting the white one too its so Kawaii and modern!

These are so cool ! I wish I had found this shop before I saw Cats the Musical these would have been great to wear! But I think I will be using these with my Lolita oufits hehe!( I may have to hunt for a Kitten print know! LOL.)
The set of one ring and the shirt clips cost me £18 plus postage which I only placed my order yesterday and it came in the post in a Bright Kawaii Parcel that's like a neon bubble pink packet  this MORNING!
WHOA ! Super fast!
I really adore this stuff its great I asked for the small size ring and its approx about a size 'K/L' in size so it fits my middle finger with ease.  ( Yes I have tiny size hands and fingers hehe!)

How cute is this broach and the other styles of Kitty cat cool-ness?!

Like the photo above this is how my order was presented in a Black box with the logo of I Love Crafty on it and the ring was wrapped in extra bubble wrap it was also pink ( he-he  Yes pink bubble wrap and things wrapped up in pink or Kawaii parcels make my day , nothing can beat this getting some thing wrapped up so cute as it brings a smile to your face.

I can see me ordering again next month as I really like the other Cat stuff from the collection and the other collections are worth checking out too!

There is a I am really a Mermaid collection that I think is so Kawaii I could see a lot of fairy kei folks really rock these items out!

The other 2 collections on the Web site are the Modern Romance which is all golds and reds with heart themes and the other collection Blightly Almightly that has a London theme to it and a royal style of crowns Diamonds and Corgi dogs! Kawaii!
So check them out there is something for every one!
Till next time