Sunday, 14 April 2013

Doj-con Event

Hello Kawaii Fan's.
So at the weekend I went to Scotland's free anime convention. Doj-con.
I arrived about a hour into the event, it was a really good event and more so for some one that has never been to a event. Like myself.

When I got there there was no need to stand in line,more a less walked right in, I went with my sister who wanted to take some photos and see what all the fuss was about.Any how the event was on all 5 levels.I didn't get  into see any talks or join in any battles or games, I really was just wondering around taking everything in to be honest.I felt sorry for those on the stalls they looked all very crammed in and thought that they would have been better having spread them out on all the other levels but hey that's just me!.The amount of folk there was impressive.At points it felt like you were just standing in one place to get past or trying to join a flow of cosplayer's and people to get out of the levels to the next.I was actually dreading stairs with so much traffic but it was fine once every one stayed to the left...It was like being back at school haha! 
Any how here is a bunch of Photo spam for you all to enjoy!

My sweet yet toned down outfit co-ord for the event,I wore my brand new wig from Lockshop too and really liked the whole outfit .I really love wearing beret hats too hehe
Here are more photos from the event its self.

Some art I just had to buy! I adored seeing the Artists work and all of them doodling away on the stalls.

The stalls were full of kawaii goodies!
 Not only were there lots of things to look at at the stalls there was lots of cosplay's to be found-it kinda found myself that I really have seen way to much anime! How many ones can you spot! There was a ton of Pikachu's and a handful of lolitas that I got to meet too! Which was really nice.

All and all it was a nice day out, for once I could walk around freely in Lolita with out any one staring or looking at me,I was the one looking at every one who was cosplaying and checking out their efforts and outfits.
Next in my events am going to MCM comic con Scotland,That's the one I can not wait for it will be huge and  I am so tempted to cosplay but I think I would wear Lolita more chance of that to happen than cosplay hehe! 
But yea 
Till next time