Thursday, 11 April 2013

Kawaii Haul

Hello every one!
AH! Finally my newest Kawaii Haul came in the post today, I have been searching for things before this weekend as this weekend there is a local event called Doj-con. 

So I have got my co-ord together as am going in lolita but I wanted to show you some of the new things I got!

My new Bow from Bodyline to match my Jsk I got a few weeks back I was going to that outfit for Saturday but I got inspired looking at other lolita ideas for my outfits

I got a new pair of shades from Bodyline I really like how cute they are  with the print at the sides and I am now hoping that we get some nice weather to use them!

I got this cute hand made ring from Esty its a Macaroon that will go with my pink necklace one and my co-ord for saturday- yay!
I am in hope that my mini handbag comes either tomorrow or Saturday morning of I'll need to re-think my handbag. As I need something cute but big enough for my Camera!

I also got this cute necklace that also came form Esty- which is becoming a number one place for lolita accessories and Kawaii stuff.
I fell in love with this as its pink and I like the mirror effect.
It look's very pretty- I cant wait to wear it with some outfits.

I will be doing a big post all about Doj-con come this weekend and I hope to get lots of photos and meet lots of cool and great people.I  will be taking my camera and omg I love my new camera its so easy to use and take great photos and its just a nice compact size. I hope I get some great shots of the other lolitas who I bet will look stunning in their co-ords!
I also plan to go to the Scotland MCM this year and again want to take lots of photo's and such!
Also got a new SD Card so click click click!!

Till next time!