Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Dolls BJD

Hello Kawaii lover's , Hey how are you all doing. So I been busy today.
I got myself in gear and finally got the tools to do the face up of my spare BJD that I did think of calling coco but well it didn't really suit in the end as once I go the face up done.So she has been renamed as Esme, She has lovely Auburn hair and Green eyes know. I thought I lost her brown eyes so went and got green ones but then later found the brown ones again lol!
So this post is my update on my BJD's

Any how I got on with the hard work of doing the face up. The dolls look so odd with no faces on them. Here is a photo what they look like.

I did a few trail attempts of make-up on the face and I was super nervous but today the sealer came and I jumped into the face up. (^_^;)

It turned out really well for my first try and it sealer worked well too. 
I had visions of it bubbling up or melting away or something.(>.<)
But am happy that nothing like that happen and it turned out really well so here is a photo of Esme and Mimmy together looking cute!


Ive also sent in a photo of Mimmy into a contest too, She become the products new image photo that would be really cool!
I have a feeling I will be looking in to a other Project Doll as I really enjoyed making the face up and the doll come to life. I hope I can get lots of nice photo's with my Camera of my girls hehe.

Till next time!
Stay super Kawaii!