Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Kawaii Haul and a nice Scottish walk.

Hello Kawaii lovers!
How are you all?! I have been trying to save my post for a huge haul of Kawaii goodies I got but turns out that everything in a go slow with the post, I swear my post man keeps my stuff to wind me up at times, Maybe it because am aware am due stuff and feel deflated when nothing comes through the letter box -haha. What an exciting life I lead!

So Here is part one of my Kawaii haul.
*photo spam!*

Last week came my Kawaii Club Package! Yay! 
I was really impressed with my Kawaii parcel goodies, This time it had a Kawaii Kitchen theme to it stocked with items you would use in the Kitchen (d'uh.) 
I think the item I fell in love with best it the Heart shape sandwich maker, not only for making sandwiches kawaii but, its the right size for cutting off the crust of my bread...yes I don't eat the crusts. (o.0) My mother told me as a child it would give me curly hair...I didn't want curly hair so I stopped eating them haha, sort of back-fired on her. (>w<)

In the package I also got a Hello Kitty straw (*0*) A bento mini box - that doubles up as a great storage box for grapes and other small snacks too , lastly a Rilakkuma  cup cover, which is a handy thing to have, when you are outside and those annoying bugs fly into your drink!  (; ̄Д ̄)Urgh!
Also I just had to have a go at the Heart sandwiches! so here was my first attempt!

Also with my Kawai Haul I got myself some new Kitty's to add to my collection!
These came form Hello Kitty 4 U,
They are the mascot size of 14cm and very small and cute looking also my other mascots ones need more of its kind to keep it company he-he. 

Also I gota set of stamps too , they are so cute one is a roll along stamp. I hope to use them with am doing my pen pal letters, see my other post about this coming soon!
Also when I was at the weekend went for a nice walk by a  area I grew up around, it was a fair day a bit of the odd shower but that place is so nice and pretty I cant wait to go back and find more green-ness and life blooming the time before I even saw a young Deer.

Yup even Hello Kitty tagged along for the walk - day out (^_^).
Then the following day I did the Race for Life 5K race, I semi Walked- Jogged with my friend who also took part in the race and we did it together with my annoying encouragement chants. In Under 53.mins which was no bad in the end and my friend done it in a shorter time than last time. Yay! That of course was due to my chants... ヾ(・ω・*)ノ

I decorated my Race number with kawaii-ness and Gems hehe! My friend also bought me a sweet pink flower, and there is my medal too.
I raised £30 for Cancer research! 

I think we are doing it again next year?
Any ways till next time!