Thursday, 16 May 2013

Kawaii Haul part 2

Hey hey every one, How are you all doing? Oh boy I really wish that these colds would go away and leave me alone! I'm so tired of being ill or something wrong with me. Even Chibi bean has caught a cold so am nursing her back to health too! *sigh* Also I think it would be really nice to have some warmer weather, its been so cold much colder than than any spring early summer I can remember. (>w<)
Any how I have a few things to look forward to with out the weather being to much of a factor, One being  my Holidays are booked for September, Family holiday nothing to exotic or that just the Channel Islands for visiting Family. Also in September I will be going to Mcm Scotland Wooo!Hooo! Am hoping to meet up with a bunch of other Scottish friends and have lots of fun too.  
So I got my second lot of Kawaii goodies- yay! So happy and cheerful about this, I have more , yes Hello Kittys- nothing new there. I have got 2 blouses from Bodyline due and skirt but once they are here I will blog about them.

Lets have a look at my new things hai!

Got a whole bunch of Kawaii goods from Mode4U.
Mostly stickers and writing sets as am looking for pen pals.

I also got a few extra kawaii things like the Hello Kitty stamp and charm hehe! So kawaii.
Cant wait to get writing!
The other things I got are the Kitty's one of them is really cute, I fell in love but it was a risk to order it at random but here it is anyway.

Am so happy to have got her in Pink and Mint colour way, also I got myself some really cute flowers too.

So adorable!
I really could not resist her.
The other Kitty I got my hands on is this Kitty a Toki Doki collaboration form 2009 I think.?
I need to check the details out but she was 2nd hand and I got her at a bargain price, She also came in  Mint condition, she didn't have a box but that may devalue her but I would have taken it out the box anyway!

She is so soft and cute!
Till next time,