Thursday, 9 May 2013

Online Magazines and Kawaii Kitty's

Hey kawaii lovers!
Omg, I have been cooing over the newest Saniro Hello Kitty Collections, am so gutted there is a lack of Hello Suppliers here in the UK. Its such hard work being Kawaii in Scotland and a devoted Hello Kitty Fan!

*sobs* First world Kawaii problems in a nutshell right?!

Am still awaiting on all the kawaii orders I ordered, like a good few weeks ago, But some of it is appearing the post. So Hope to snap up photos and reviews for you all!
So I thought I would share with you the newest and coolest Hello Kitty's on the block.
(>.<) so kawaii!
You can get these with ease at the Sanrio stores in the USA.

I would to have one of these in each style they are just so stylish and Kawaii!
They would so brighten up my day!!
I do have a few kitty's due to arrive but I keep seeing so many kawaii ones!
Talking of all this Kitty-ness a while back I was asked for my services of Kitty knowledge and Kawaii-ness. To write a piece for a UK Online Magazine, which you can find more about on its Facebook page Here!
Its like a UK Fashion Magazine that explores all of us Kawaii funs of Japanese Fashion and style.

You will find my piece here on page 41
It looks so Kawaii!
I love its idea!

Its worth checking out!
Any how till next time ...

Tartan Kawaii