Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Skin kissed

Hey every one!
How are all of you. Its such a nice day today, the sun has been out and its been so warm, I took this as a great chance to take some photos of my newest Hello Kitty plush!

She looks so perfect! She is a sun kissed tan colour in a pink bikini outfit and has a tropical flour on her right ear. Kawaii!

I got her from Hello Kitty 4U she is from sanrio, its nice to be able to get hold of Sanrio products from a auk supplier!
I have a few other things on order from them too! (^_^) Yay!

Any way here are some nice summery photo's of my newest Kitty. She is also super soft and snugly.

I think she suits my white shades better than I do. LOL!
I don't have any kitty like her.Its nice to have a range in my collection.
I wore a casual type of lolita outfit today since it was so warm and nice, I wore my new JSK and a chiffon cream blouse , knee high plain socks  and my Lolita shoes. The weather being so nice is not meant to last, but least I have enjoyed it as much as I can. (^_^)
Shame I don't know how to use the BBQ !

pretty flowers

Well till next time stay super kawaii!
Tartan x