Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Sunshine Snaps, Lolita and outfits

Hello Kawaii Lovers! Hey how you all doing?
I think am finally over my cold, 2 weeks it decided to stay with me *sigh* And then Chibi bean had it too so it was like ''Don't come near me I have the plague!'' . Any how am just glad it is gone. I really get annoyed more than anything when I get Ill, Like I cant get anything done or sorted cause am to busying felling sorry for myself . .(>w<).
But the Good news is I have a nice day planned for Friday- Yay! Am meeting a Fellow Hello Kitty Junkie Fan! I hope to also do a bit of shopping and get a gift for both my other half's Birthday and our Anniversary .
We will be taking the lil one on the train for the 1st time- (>.<) Helps! She is not one for staying in one place for long....*packs lots of entertainment*

But I will blog about those adventures later.

The weather has been fair to us this week, which is nice. Monday was so hot and warm and I got to work (blogging) with the lap top in the Garden and set up the paddle pool. It was so nice. Then it went yucky and cold the next day, but today has been fair bit windy but its nice and pleasant outside.

With it being so nice it means Kawaii outfits overload!

A fairy cute style outfit

Galaxy top and Cool Cat tights.

Strawberry inspired school style outfit.
I really like the last outfit its so cute and fun. 
As you can tell am in love with my Strawberry themed tights lol!

I got this really cute photo on my phone today. I want to take my big camera out and about to get more photos of the cherry blossom trees.As they are know in bloom.
But I do have some other snaps to show off.

I get a lot of birds in my garden...Maybe cause I feed em (>.<)

My handsome Cat Mr. Leo.

There was a down pour and I got these after the rain photos.

I also got to dress up in some Lolita and got a new snaps of my outfits.
My order from Bodyline also came this week I order 2 blouses one white the other black, and a skirt but I thought the Skirt would not come till the next 2 came today and not caught by customs...Say what? Wahh (>w<) Am used to being hit by the custom charge's that I keep extra money aside in case of it.
Though me and the post man ( I have gotten to know him due to custom fee's haha) had a bit of a banter about it. 

So here is more Photo spam for you all of my Lolita outfits.

The flowery print dress is the newest Dress, I got my new Skirt in the post and sold off a the JSK version so I will have to get coords planned around it its very pretty I also went for the Pinkish colour instead of the Jsk being a Bold Red. 
I will upload photos of them later as I feel this post has way to many to much photo spam lready haha! I may have to looking into a other style of layout at this rate.

Hope you liked the post till later...